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Looking back at 2023

Short games and roguelikes

I like building stuff

Please stop AI generated articles

A Friday without a lot of work

As many posts as last year

I (don't) want to buy games (again)

Lossy Memory

Just start blogging

This week so far...

Morning writing

Time flies when you don't think

I want more FOSS Android Widgets

Free time, Warhammer 40K and buttons

I missed my Anniversary

Struggling to consume content in Spanish

Rofi is my favorite app launcher

Organizing my Email, reliving memories

Looking back at 2022

Getting good grades

I am fine without a smartwatch

Starting a trend by accident

One semester to go

Selfhosting failed me

Getting new earbuds (Sony WF-C500)

July 2022 Summary

Putting a price to my work

New laptop, new distro, Windows again

Graphical settings that break things

On feeling like an Impostor

FreshRSS Android Apps

Handwritten homework

Installing LabVIEW in Linux Mint 20.3

Buying shoes

Different services for different needs

My phone scared me

Looking back at 2021

Return to the Void

Saved by the bell

A Reality Where CSS and JavaScript Don't Exist

Not blogging for a whole month

Not every post has to be a tutorial (Catching up)

Some podcasts I liked

Detox Day

Babysitting dogs and a Black Widow mini review

Redesigning my Website's Stylesheet

A rant about Apple features, MKBHD and standards

Recording thoughts

I started learning Touch Typing

Catching up with the blog, after a big break

I have many ideas, but I feel that I can't expand them

Reading books once again

I wanted to bike, I had homework, I did nothing

Procrastination, rambling and school

COVID-19 thoughts somewhere in Mexico

Can all apps be FOSS on Play Store?

Rambling about tech and my lifestyle