Some podcasts I liked

One of the first blogs I did was about podcasts, but I have listened to some new things and I decided to share an update of what I am listening to now

During my digital journey I have liked a bunch of things, one of those are Podcasts! I have shared some of my favorites before in a small review I did on AntennaPod, a free and open source podcasts app.

In my previous blog, I talked about what I did during social media detox day, and I mentioned how most of the things I did were done while also listening to Podcasts. In a matter of months I discovered some new shows with a bunch of episodes to listen to. And I decided to share some of those here!

Suspense, Crime and mistery

So yeah, most of the stuff I listen too is quite focused on these topics, but I only listen to these at nights right before going to sleep. I think I might have some problems in my head…


I started listening to this just a few weeks after my previous post. It is simply amazing, as the name implies, the podcast shares stories and events that don’t seem to have a logical explanation, from haunted houses to UFO’s, the voice and narration by Richard MacLean Smith is simply incredibly. The only thing I dislike about it is the ads located in the middle of the show that manage to break the atmosphere quite heavily. Maybe if he kept the creepy background music and tone, as well as a nice segway it would be a lot more acceptable. Nonetheless, I’ve listened to 63 hours of this show, and it must be for a good reason!

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Already Gone

This true crime podcast is amazing, a solo, female host with a super smooth voice describing events in a great manner and a good structure, While the voice got me hooked, the quality of each episode kept me going. I had listened to a lot of Crime Junkie and I started to get tired of the same structure of making questions and short “huh’s?” and that deal, is good to have simple narrations without filler. The episodes are also quite shorter, around 40 minutes, but you’ll have to skip a couple ads in the middle of each episode.

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The Video Palace

At first, I though I would not like this show, but the short and concise episodes, along with the great voice acting made me stay. This is a single story about a young couple who decides to investigate a mistery after watching a VHS tape with an unknown origin, it is really short, with only 10 or so episodes, and the story is worth it, I hope there another season gets made.

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The Phenomenon

This one is amazing, this audio drama tells the story of how almost all of humanity extinguished just by looking up, and how the try to find a way to stay alive. The mistery is strong on this one, each episode follows the events of different survivors that interconnect in a bigger story. I don’t wanna spoil it, so all I can say is this. Do not look outside, do not look at the sky, do not make noise.

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The Magnus Archives

I just started listening to this, it shares multiple fiction stories of horror and suspense. The ads don’t interrupt at all, since they are located at the beginning or end of each episode, it seems to have some interconnection but each story can be enjoyed separately. Sometimes the audio is a bit bad but that only adds to the experience of low quality recordings being archived, as the title implies. Another great thing about this podcast is that it is licensed under a Creative Commons license, which is actually really cool!

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Gaming, tech and Linux

If you are not a fan of being unable to sleep (Although I actually listen to all of the above while in bed), you might enjoy these other lighter, more tech focused podcasts. I listen to these across the day, while cleaning my room or doing the dishes and stuff like that.

Retro Game Time Machine

As the name implies, this is a small podcast where two friends travel back in time and talk about their experiences playing an old videogame, from Super Mario Kart to Halo: Combat Evolved. This show is quite enjoyable, the audio quality is great and it also starts with current news to stay up to date with the gaming world. I wish it went deeper into the significance and importance of the games being played, since a few times it feels a bit rushed. Overall it is pretty good!

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This is the podcast hosted by Marques Brownlee, tech talk at its best with some nice sections, the audio quality is spectacular, it is not too focused on software, but it is still a nice addition to have. The episodes are less than an hour most of the time too, and its easy to listen to at 2x speed. Not my favorite, but is quite enjoyable and has a great video format if you care about that.

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Command Line Heroes

This podcast became an instant favorite, different stories narrating the creation of programming language, the evolution of open source and technologies used all around us today, the host has a great personality and there is many interviews with experts of their field. This means that some sections have lower quality audio, which might be a bit annoying, but I have learned a lot from this podcast. Its also short and sweet, around 30 minutes per episode, and quite easy to listen at 2x.

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Into the Aether

This is another gaming variety podcast, it is somewhat similar to RGTM, but quite more general and also with better quality audio. It has no significant structure and its quite rambly, but that’s what I like about this podcast so much. You can get started with any episode and binge it all the way, this one is a bit harder to listen to quickly because the hosts have a faster pace, but it is still really enjoyable.

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Destination Linux

I had a bit of an adversion against most of Linux focused podcasts, I felt that they would talk about the same things over and over, and I was already quite repetitive with the Linux content I watch on video format. But DL proved me wrong! There are multiple hosts who talk about their Linux Journey week after week, and they have formed quite a big community, a network of fans and Linux enthusiasts, the podcast is quite cozy and the audio quality is fantastic, I find the intro music super cringe, but its tolerable enough. I really recommend this one if you are a fan of Linux and FOSS.

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The WAN Show

You can think whatever you want about Linus Media Group, but this podcast is just great. Listening to the hot takes of Linus against whatever dumb thing a company does each week is super fun, and these guys really know how to make ad segways seamless, I don’t even like the idea of skipping them because of how integrated they are with inside jokes and charisma. Luke feels like an audience mirror most of the time eager to see Linus rant about whatever is going on. It is a great show and I absolutely love it.

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Wrapping up

I have quite a list of new podcasts compared to the last time I talked about the topic. I have started to enjoy this format a lot more, right now I am listening to DL while writing all of this, I gotta admit its not the best podcast to listen to while writing, but I can deal with it.

If you have not given podcasts a chance, I recommend you to just embrace them. You can take a look at my previous blog about it if you’d like to read some more of my suggestions, I did not went into a lot of detail there, but I think that I got a bit repetitive here, but I write whatever I want!

This has been day 52 of #100DaysToOffload


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