More links

Some other sections of my website as well as other useful links you may like.

On this site

  • Blogroll: A list of blogs I follow and I recommend you to check out. Not all of them maybe of your liking, but they’re of mine.
  • Origami pictures: I like origami, and I share pictures sometimes, here is a collection of them.
  • Reading list: Books I’ve read. Check my Bookwyrm account for faster updates.
  • Projects: Games and projects I’ve made for fun.
  • Statistics: Fun statistics about my blog.

Fun places

  • Kind of like the blogroll I have but on a much bigger scale, go add yours to the list!
  • Tildeverse: If you want to learn about using SSH, join a tilde! Free access to a community server, you usually get an email and simple web hosting too.
  • Is your website light enough? Join me and others to this club!
  • 100DaysToOffload: The challenge that got me started with blogging on a regular basis, I’ve beaten it once already!
  • An old school search engine with websites submitted by humans. Full of classic and beautiful websites to explore.