COVID-19 thoughts somewhere in Mexico

Sharing how is COVID in a small town where people just keep minding their own business

In my country, Mexico, This pandemic is quite trendy, and its the only thing they talk about on TV news. We can look at the stats and see the big amount of people flooding local hospitals and passing away due to the disease. I am not going to deny the impact of the virus here, I know people who now are gone because of it.

But in reality, most people are living their lives without using facemasks, unless they are working or going to the grocery store, its simply no big deal and they go outside almost as if these times are normal. I even got a haircut a couple of days ago, and besides the people working there, everyone waiting for their turn was maskless, thankfully, it was only a couple of people, so I took the risk. Honestly, nobody really cared. And I was unable to wear a mask while my hair was being cut, yes, it’s not ideal, but it is what it is here.

Honestly, I am okay with that, it is amusing how simple the lifestyle is here. You don’t see crazy people feeling like slaves just because they are “forced” to wear a facemask inside of places that aren’t even their property. And at the same time, I don’t see people complaining about those not wearing a facemask when they should. Everybody lives their lives and let others alone, and its up to you to take care of yourself. Even old people keep working, some can’t really afford to do otherwise.

You can think whatever you want about the situation, I am just describing what I see, I personally wear a facemask whenever I go outside (if I am not getting a haircut), and I see it as a challenge to see if my physical condition is decent (seriously if you have difficulty to breath just because of a facemask, I think you should do more exercise).

So right now I am finishing this blog while being on a Quinceañera of a family friend, which is quite a dangerous place to be in during these difficult times. To be honest I am not a party person, but here I am, surrounded by many different people, teenagers, adults, grandparents, and they seem to be having a nice time, there are some regulations, every table has a different family (or two families), but well, you can’t control everybody.

I am finishing this already at home, we left early, I wonder what will happen. My family already got sick a couple months ago, we didn’t suffered too much, so we will probably be fine, and if that’s not the case, it is what it is.

Or maybe everyone is actually taking extreme care of themselves and its just me who only goes out like 10 hours per month and it just so happens that when I am outside everyone becomes careless, I don’t know what’s happening anymore

Day 17 of #100DaysToOffload


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