I wanted to bike, I had homework, I did nothing

Yesterday I got my bike fixed, and today I wanted to use it, but I guess that everyday does not go the way you expect it to go

The last few days, I realized my physical shape is not the greatest. My life is not too healthy, I am not obese nor too skinny or anything, but I know I could be better. I decided I wanted to do some biking and exercise a bit, and since my bicycle was in need of reparations, I needed to move.

A lot of walking (and a bit of biking!)

Yesterday I went downtown. The workshop is like 15 minutes walking from my house. But I actually used my bike most of the way, since its only problem is that I cant change the gears, so it works, but it feels extremely light, which is good when going uphill, but you don’t get a lot of power out of each pedal (is that the right verb? my Spanish speaking mind is confused).

Anyways, once there, I only had to pay 105 pesos (around 6 USD) to get the needed parts and their installation, I felt like it was extremely cheap even for Mexican standards, I wonder how much it would cost in other countries.

However, I had to walk back to my house, since I only had 100 pesos with me (oof), the good thing is, I am actually pretty used to walking, and I enjoy it quite a lot. So I came back home while listening some Daft Punk (RIP), took the money and went back since the bike would be ready in 30 minutes (basically I arrived at the right time!).

So yeah, I went back home with a pretty epic fixed bicycle. It felt quite nice, because it had been a while since I tried a functional bike, and it was a lot of fun.

The next day… (Today)

I had quite a lot of homework, but I really kinda wanted to go out and bike for a little bit. However, distractions, procrastination, YouTube and a bunch of excuses where clouding my mind. And I ended up doing absolutely nothing worthy of being called “work”. I started doing some homework, but I didn’t even finish it. I started getting my bike ready, but I didn’t go out and used it. I even started the first Uni class of the day, and the teacher didn’t even taught us anything!.

It wasn’t so bad after all

At the end of the day, at least I managed to do a couple of nice things. I finished my other class Analysis and Design of Mechanisms, which was actually extremely nice and I would say I learned a lot. And I did most of one of the homework I had to deliver this week! (I still have some more tho, sadly).

However, I know I can do better, tomorrow I will try and do some proper biking, as well as finishing most (if not all) of my homework. I feel so bad about what I didn’t do today, because I know homework is easy, but I struggle to get started. And biking is great, yet I made excuses not to go out.

Well, this felt like some kind of journal, but its my blog, I do whatever. This was day 24 of #100DaystoOffload


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