I missed my Anniversary

I have been blogging for two years now, its kind of insane, but it's been a really nice experience

I have been through a lot these past few days, hence why I ended up breaking my record of one post per day for 32 days straight.

It was never a competition or anything, so I don’t really feel upset or disappointed, even if it would have been fun to keep going.

Anyways, this blog was born on February 5, 2021 with my first proper blog being about Android launchers. Since then, Android has been one of the most prolific topics in my blog, and I was actually planning on talking about launchers again today, after a blog by Brian on returning to Nova Launcher, until I saw the date and thought maybe I should do a retrospective or something along those lines, and then, I decided to check my RSS feed and realized that moddedBear just did that too.

Quite a small world we live in right? Its quite funny because they’ll probably end up reading this too, since Mastodon is the place we all hangout on quite often. So, I decided to just catch up a little bit and just write things as they come to my mind.

I recently had a loss in the family, my grandmother passed away, it was a hard time, despite my effort to be like a certain Albert Camus character, I could not pull it off. Still, I am thankful for the times I spent with her and I know she is in a better place. Its been a few days already since all this happened. I am thankful to those who wished us well.

I’ve been recently trying out Nostr, its quite an interesting protocol that some are using as a fully decentralized and anti-censorship social media platform, and other things. Right now it feels really cryptobro-ish though. Full of spam, of people excited for “Web3” shenanigans. I am not that kind of person, and I have a feeling that some of those crypto shills are there just because they think its related to blockchain and the like, even if it really isn’t that way, mostly. It is quite an interesting community, to be honest. I will be testing it out and waiting for more regular people to join in the fun. So in case you want to follow me there, here is my public key:


Personally I use iris.to as a client but I still don’t know how to feel about a single private key being enough to authenticate myself and pasting it into web clients left and right.

Honestly, I would kinda prefer it if something like twtxt made a comeback, and a good one. I actually have a twtxt file which you can follow here. As long as you can host a plain text file in some server, you have a twtxt! So maybe give it a try? There are not many people I know using either of these. So let me know if you use them.

So, yeah, 2 years blogging. A lot has happened since I started. One of these days I will go back and read some of my old blogs and try to see how opinions and thoughts have changed, but right now its a little late for that, and I got a few actual books I want to read instead. I recently got into the Warhammere 40k lore and I think I’ll give a series of that universe a try soon enough.

For now, this has been rambley enough I would say. Maybe I’ll expand on some of the paragraphs I shared today in further blogposts.

This is day 33 of #100DaysToOffload


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