This week so far...

Just a bunch of random thoughts and things I did during the weekend, feel free to skip maybe.

This is a blogpost being written on my phone, I’ve done this before in the past, not only to test what’s up but because time is of the essence, there’s less than 3 months left to finish 100 posts in a year!

You may not notice but lately I pretty much only publish blogposts at morning or in the middle of the night. Regardless, I wanted to try and post during the evening at a more sane time, just for the sake of it.

I currently have 14% of battery for some unknown reason, it’s definitely not spending time on Mastodon, so I don’t think I can make this a super long post anyways. So let’s talk about random topics until I feel enough is enough.

This weekend was great, I’ve played quite a bit of old N64 games with friends on my Switch, I am also grinding Rathians on Monster Hunter Rise, because I need a difficult drop to find, maybe I should try hunting Rathalos instead, since I’m about to unlock it’s quest.

I got myself a nifty USB drive with both type C and type A connectors, this is really epic. I’ve thought about encrypting it’s contents using something like Cryptomator, it should be quite fun! I just need to think about what contents to store in there, since it won’t be one of my many old USBs with Linux ISOs on them, it’s too cool for that, but maybe if it has Ventoy….

Another nice thing I’ve thought about is my old laptop, it is a pretty nice computer still, but with a pretty broken hinge and half of its ports very much out of commission. Let it be known it was already like that before I got it.

Regardless last time it was running Fedora, but since I don’t use it very often, I have thought about leaving Debian on it, and maybe letting it run as a server rather than my current Raspberry Pi, it probably will make the electric bill more expensive, I’ll have to see.

Hey, I wrote quite a bit more than I expected, nice! This is post 69 of #100DaysToOffload. Have a good rest of your day, fellow reader. 😊


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