Catching up with the blog, after a big break

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog, but I think I have some valid reasons for this. I am going to be back on track soon

I have had a lot of homework, work and projects I’ve been working on, and I didnt manage to write a blog in a pretty long time. So I decided to make this quick post in order to have a good start for May.

I got some homework that has accumulated over time and I have new homework to do too as well as some exams to take. That’s only one of the reasons I stopped writing here, but there are a lot of other ones that caused me to miss so many days.

It all started when I decided to make some housecleaning and make the comment systems currently implemented in my website work together more seamlessly. Since both scripts for GitHub and Mastodon have different styles and work with different things. I wanted to rewrite them. By the time I post this, you will see how that work is going. I have 2 different functions that work depending on the service being used. But I know I should be able to simplify it even more with a bit more thought put into it, since I could use a single function for both.

However, after working on JavaScript for a while, I got interested in learning some programming language, besides the bits I already knew from C++, JS and GDScript. And I decided to go with Go. It has been fun, but I ended up leaving it a little bit because of the unexpected inspiration to work on quite a big event.

Ludum Dare, one of the biggest game development events, was about to start, LD is a Game Jam, which is a contest of sorts, where game developers around the world set a time limit and try to create a videogame from scratch. This is usually done by following a theme chosen by voting in rounds where different options are given. By the end, the worst possible outcome happens, and everyone has to deal with making something decent out of it.

This time, the theme was “Deeper and Deeper”, and I decided to participate after a bunch of friend on a Discord server decided to join too. I will make a full blog about it after the Jam ends, since the participants are still rating and playing each other’s game, and the rating period will end in a couple more weeks.

Of course, I also could not help my excitement of sharing my work, and decided to join a lot of streamers on places like Twitch, where you can usually submit your game to be played and rated by them, and I can proudly say that I ended up featuring my game on around 14 streams, watching everyone of them. Sometimes it feels a bit unfair, but I had to wait in the queue like everyone else, in fact, I waited in 14 queues :P

And that’s how these days went by. Homework, programming, game development and game promotion. Which used up quite a lot time from me. I also have had some chatting about developing my jam game further, since I did not even do a main menu and some of the assets were quite rushed. I am, however, quite happy with my results.

You can play my game here as well as rate it if you wish to try it out. I will expand it later in the future if I have the time. There is only a Web version at the moment. But I will export native versions for desktop once I develop it further.

This was day 33 of #100DaystoOffload


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