Please stop AI generated articles

Its about time I rant before going to sleep so I'll do it and you can't stop me

I was not looking forward to ever mention AI again in this blog, but I just wanted to update a little bit on my views on this topic.

Last time I ever made use of this stuff was to help me with some code I had already done, and also to generate a blogpost for me, after I typed out everything I did in a list and asked ChatGPT to turn it into a few paragraphs of text. You can see the output of that experiment over here.

At the time, I was quite amused by this, and I remained somewhat optimistic about it. I actually still type prompts to ChatGPT for certain things, since it has quite a bit of uses.

Sadly, as more people caught up to this, a ton of websites saw the opportunity to generate blogposts to whatever questions people may have out of whatever this so-called AI thinks is a good answer.

The worst thing is how the websites are just a list of questions that sometimes aren’t even related to each other but will be answered in succession and end up confusing me even more.

It is so lazy and annoying. Even in the Spanish language websites like this started to show up and it’s the most annoying thing. They don’t make any sense, they are usually wrong and badly formatted, and despite it all they are always at the top of the search results.

I just want to go back to the older days where random websites hosted by people on Blogger or WordPress would have the answers to all my questions, in Times New Roman and an ugly default theme.

This blogpost in particular may be little more than a rant and is probably not the greatest example of the amazing things humans can write about, but it is still better than whatever an AI might spit out of its black box.

This is day 91 of #100DaysToOffload


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