Starting a trend by accident

I just shared a picture of my watch, from there Casio showed up, and now a small trend started on Fosstodon for some reason. It's now out of my control but I am here for it...

I really love the way trends can take shape when it comes to Mastodon. There is no algorithm that shapes your view of a topic, and the local timeline is quite a lively community, at least on Fosstodon and similar places.

So, when my post of my analog watchgot so many replies and boosts from people across the fediverse, I got quite excited, among the many photos sharing their watches and collections, a reply with a picture showcasing the classic Casio F-91W showed up, and then another, and another, and another, until even Kev (and probably some others) ended up getting one, and now I am tempted myself. Its super cheap, so I’ll probably get it soon enough, or maybe you can buy me one you know? (I have to give this a shot 🤣).

The way it works is funny, sometimes you just happened to get boosted by the right people at the right time, other times you are just famous enough by yourself, I have close to 800 people who follow me after all for some reason, I guess I am a bit of a Mastodon influencer 😎. You never really know to be honest, this blogpost may not get much interaction despite it all.

Regardless, every now and then I see more and more posts of people who got their Casio, or already had it collecting dust and decided to use it again, its kinda fun. Kev made a post about his recent purchase (and I think he got another Casio watch now lol), some other poeple interacted there, a couple other blogposts showed up and now I felt like writing all of this.

To be honest, the trend took a life of its own and most people don’t know where its coming from, and its perfectly fine as is. It was about time Casio watches had some love around these places, I don’t know how long will it last, maybe a “Casiodon” instance is in the horizon, or maybe next week nobody will post their watches anymore. Its the nature of the Fediverse, and I am happy to be part of this little corner of the Internet.

Sidenote, I’ve been quite busy on school, there were not a lot of posts this month so I hope I can make up for it in October, or maybe not, lets see how it goes…


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