Time flies when you don't think

When I started my internship, I didn't expect time to start moving faster, its such an odd thing, I want to start writing again to gain some sense of control back, before its too late. Time really flies when you don't write, or use your brain...

I started writing this pretty much as soon as I was done with my previous blogpost, doing the summary is a bit of a chore, but its a goal I want to preserve and its a nice way to force myself to at least post once a month.

I’ve mentioned before how I got an internship doing recruiting as a part of the HR department. Nothing actually related to Engineering or Mechatronics, to be honest, but being already inside gives me the chance to get a proper job in an area where I could actually thrive, and I am just required to do X amount of hours, without some project or anything similar. Besides, many people study one thing only to live doing other things in the end. I don’t want to laze around, I know that if I am faithful in handling something like this, I may be able to get a better position and grow in the future.

The recruiting is usually done in some areas close to my city and we do short travels everyday. On the way there I usually post job offers online and chat with people about the available positions and benefits of working with us. Still, most of the time I just listen to music or podcasts and maybe read some manga.

A few days ago I get myself a new 5x5 cube, and I decided to do some solves to test it out while on the road. Its so much faster than my current cubes, even my current 3x3. But I felt really weird, since after a few solves, we were still not at our destination, in fact we still had a long way to go. That made me think about how time works at a slower pace when you actually start thinking and making use of your brain and become more aware of things.

Its already been 2 months since I started this internship, and I really can’t believe I am a third of the way over with it. I’ve honestly not felt a thing, I still feel like a noob sometimes. I’ve gotten paid and I’ve bought myself some clothes, and shoes and gadgets. Its been fun and I’ve learned a lot, but I still feel that I just started last week, its crazy.

The fact that I write so much less than in previous months has also made the situation worse I think. Back when wrote almost daily, I could feel how everyday I had something different to say and ramble about, time moved at a steady and comfortable pace. But lately, since everyday is pretty much the same, I can feel time running out of my hands and its kind of weird. I am already 23 years old, I consumed hours of content as I mentioned in my June’s summary, but I don’t use my brain as much as before, I need to change that and get a grip. I don’t want to become some sort of NPC living day by day without fulfilling any goals. For now, I want to try to just keep writing, still doing my best at my job and keep moving at the speed *I** want.

This is day 49 of #100DaysToOffload, I have to go to work, until later!


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