A Reality Where CSS and JavaScript Don't Exist

Jumping on the bandwagon, my thoughts on how the Web evolved and if it should stay that way...

So far Bradley Taunt and many other bloggers have started to talk about the way the Web has changed significantly ever since it became a thing.

It’s funny to see how the same topics come back and forth every time, there is no right answer, the Fediverse is unable to find that balance point. One day everybody has their own Gemini capsule, the next one everybody loves Vivaldi’s feature-rich browser. One day people hate on Signal, the next Matrix is considered an FBI honeypot!

And here we are once again. While JavaScript has always had a bunch of people against it, this is the first time where I see CSS thrown into the mix too. This is understandable due to Uglyduck’s background as a web developer and designer, I am quite novice on this world, but I still have something to say, even if its not as meaningful or thought provoking.

As you might have noticed, I recently went into a bit of a website overhaul (I always am tbh), I added a side bar to show what used to be placed at the site’s footer section, just because I wanted to see if I could accomplish that without much trouble. Of course, I managed to do it, and I feel like there is a lot of stuff I could add.

I tend to have this feeling, where I want to fix this little detail, add some transition or animation, and its always constantly changing. In a World where there are no such options, there is time to focus on the important thing, the content, sure…

While I can see how this view is controversial, I wonder why is it controversial here, and nowhere else?

Think about it, I have went to school for years, and every time there is an assignment, I have to follow the same basic guidelines. Arial 12, bold titles, 1.25 line spacing, the school logo, the school cover, that’s it. There are proper ways to do work all around us, and somehow the web has managed to be the only place where you can express yourself via your website, unless you can draw, play music, write, paint, and yeah maybe this makes no sense and school just sucks.

Honestly, there is probably no reason to try and relate these points but I have to fill this post somehow you know?. I believe that each website should be able to have its own personality and such, so yeah, as long as it doesn’t get to the point where there is no way to have a reading mode, its fine by me.

Now, speaking of JavaScript, I mean, I use it, but not willingly! Ok, I use it because I want comments, and I don’t really need those but they do be kinda nice.

In conclusion, I like CSS because it allows me to have bad posts like this one while still having something pleasant to look at that makes me feel good, just look at my color palette, its awesome and I love it so its worth it for me.

This is day 60 of #100DaysToOffload

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