I am fine without a smartwatch

Around a month ago I bought a Xiaomi Mi Band 7, but recently, I have used my older analog and digital watches more and more, and I've even bought some more, maybe they are enough for me?.

I already mentioned how a small trend got started on Fosstodon regarding Casio watches and such. But today’s story starts weeks earlier before all this mess.

I had been interested on updating my Mi Band 4 for a while now, funnily enough, a YouTube review channel I actually trust finally dropped their opinion on it after like 2 months since the Mi Band 7 came out, I found a really good deal online and even convinced my dad decided to get one for himself too.

I was excited and really happy with the device, I actually shared a couple posts on Mastodon about my purchase. The Mi Band 7 is a nice product, and I don’t have any complains for the most part. During the last 3 weeks my sleep statistics were not being recorded by the app. This was annoying, but I didn’t even realize until later.

Despite my shiny new gadget, I started to feel the itch to use some of the watches I already owned. Perhaps it was nostalgia, or maybe I was influenced by the appearance of the Casio F-91W in Stranger Things’ 4th season, or maybe the new watch a friend got at work and happens to also have a small collection. Anyways, tons of factors coming into play proving my free will is only an illusion 🙃.

I have 2 analog watches that were gifted to me years ago, as well as a Casio F-108W. They were all in need of some fix, a battery replacement for the analogs, and a new strap for the Casio. I got them all working, and started to wear them again.

It was at that time that I shared the toot that started it all, and the replies got a little crazy for a bit, especially the Casio wearers among the crowd. Of course I and many others jumped on the bandwagon that still prevails after a couple weeks, funnily enough.

So, my smartband, which I bought in August, had now been relegated to staying in my backpack or pocket, still counting my steps, and to being worn at night to see if sleep tracking started working again – It actually did after an update a couple days ago, awesome!

Yesterday I finally bought a Casio F-91W for myself, and it was quite a fun story. I was planning to do it a week earlier, in a small store downtown, which is the only place where I could find it (other than online), I could not afford it at that time since I expected it to be cheaper. Funnily enough, when I asked again this time around, the seller actually gave me a lower price – reducing it by a 2 bucks.

He actually explained how the price fluctuates from time to time, although I suspect he may have recognized me from the previous week and decided to lower the price to get me to buy it. Anyways, I happily paid for it this time, since the cost now matched the one from online stores, without having to wait for it to arrive.

So, currently, I have 2 casios, 2 analog watches and a Mi Band 7, I gave my previous band to a sibling. At this point I guess I’ll start a collection of affordable watches, since thanks to some generous donations I’ll be able to get an AE-1200 this week. I think I’ll stop there for the time being, but I plan to get something for Christmas too.

I’ve also gotten a bit more conscious about my clothing and looks. I don’t really care about current fashion trends and stuff, but I’ve been trying to look a bit more presentable and I’ve even let my sisters pick some outfits for me and stuff like that. I guess I care a bit more about the impression I give to people, I am growing a beard too, which is going quite well, if I do say so myself.

The plan I have for now is to wear whatever watch I want (I am rocking my F-91W while typing all this), have my smartband with me to keep track of steps, wear it at night to keep track of sleep, rinse and repeat. I really don’t feel the need to have constant heart tracking and stuff. If I excercise, I can just wear it during those moments. I haven’t really been able to excercise constantly, I want to do it but I just don’t give myself the time for it, I still have to work a bit more to get my life in order.

The Casio F-91W I bought
My Casio F-91W looking fine on my wrist.


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