Buying shoes

Just a quick storytime about my family going shopping to get some shoes for me and my siblings.

So a few days ago my parents let us know me and my sister that we were going to buy shoes today, in my family group (still Whatsapp, I am so sorry) the chat was flooded with stickers and excitement because, well, we are getting some shoes!

I did not even respond there, I just thought to myself “Huh, cool” and life moved on until the day (today) finally came.

One of my sisters studies outside our city, she usually comes on the weekends, but she sadly let us know she wouldn’t be able to make it, so that left my parents, my little sister and me.

Before going shopping we decided to stop by a mall and eat some food. My sister got a burger, so did my father, but me and mom got Chinese food, I like Chinese food.

After we were done filling up our stomachs, we went ahead to an outlet that sells shoes at a pretty good price, the place is huge, basically a giant shopping mall in León, Guanajuato that only has shoes everywhere.

León in general is a great place to get leather and shoes, in case any of you netizens are ever interested on visiting Mexico, highly recommended.

We walked for a few minutes and entered a Charly footwear store, I went ahead and picked up some gray tennis shoes with some green lines, nothing too fancy, but pretty cool. My dad also chose another pair, this time they were just black.

My little sister was supposed to pick up some white shoes, required for school, but ended up unable to pick something.

Her and my mom went to another store, me and my dad waited outside for quite a while. When they were “ready”, mom sent us their location.

By the time we got there my sister didn’t felt like buying those shoes anymore. We all walked for another while, but after 2 hours there, she did not get anything, and we had to return home.

So, this was supposed to be short, but I guess I had a bit more to say than expected. This has been day 84 of #100DaysToOffload. Thanks for reading!


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