Morning writing

Just some ramble right after I woke up from bed. Social media, Mexican Independence Day, getting back into drawing and other things

A wild morning post has appeared! I don’t really have a lot of time to write early because I have to go to work most weekdays (and even a few Saturdays 😢). Most of my free days I tend to stay in bed and scroll on my phone waiting for a better hour to get out of my room. Not the best habit, I know, but it was what made me get up and write this post, after all. This is not me justifying my mindless scrolling at all, let that be clear!

This post was inspired by Rob Fahrni’s post, Saturday Morning Coffee. It has absolutely nothing to do with the content itself, but I got up, served myself a coffe, and wrote all this…

These past few days have been quite unique and wanted to dedicate some words to them.

First, at work we got a couple new interns, starting the previous Wednesday. I’ve been doing my best to teach them what we doo here and its been fun. Recently however, we’ve had a lot of free time, at the same time, my phone battery is not the same as it used to, at least not when I have to have mobile data on all the time and I tend to use it more due to the free time. Therefore I’ve been looking into ways to waste my time.

From pen and ink games to bringing my PSP to work. Sprouts has proved to be a nice time killer when there are coworkers around, its such a great game with more depth than Tic-Tac-Toe but still simple, another cool one is Dots and Boxes, which can be played by more than 2 players too.

However, what has worked the best for me so far is to just draw. I’ve drawn stuff and places around me for 3 days or so, and it is quite terapheutic. Its great because it takes a lot of time and patience (which I have), and it can be paused and resumed at any time. I’ve always loved origami, but bringing my own paper is a hassle and my options as to what to fold are limited. I can start drawing on any paper just by looking at stuff, and while I may not find something inspiring or super original, it really doesn’t matter.

I’ve shared my drawings in my Fosstodon account for the Fediverse to see, I’ve made quite a bit of progress since the first one!

I am not sure why I started to have more interest on Bluesky, Threads and Tumblr. My accounts were kinda dead but I kinda wanted to share my drawings everywhere, so I did.

You can follow there if you want, but Mastodon and this blog are still priority.

I am perfectly aware most of mainstream social media ain’t the best, but I can’t help myself, I think I keep craving for praise by internet strangers. The only alternative may as well be sending me a plain text email saying “Hi, I you like your content” 😉

I still don’t finish Metroid Dread since last time, 5 days ago… oh! and it’s Mexican Independence Day! VIVA MEXICO!!!!

Morning coffee
Morning coffee

This is day 61 of #100DaysToOffload


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