Looking back at 2022

This year has, once again, been incredible. So just like last year, I share a bit of the highlights of 2022 for me.

I did a lot of stuff last year. Its actually kinda insane, so this will be just a list of bullet points to keep it short, I’ll see if I can do a top 50 like @hyde

Doing a Science Fair project

I wrote about this before, I managed to do a project for my University’s Science Fair, it was a really cool project, even if it took quite a bit of my time I am happy I got that experience.

Keeping my average high at University

Two semesters ago, my average went slightly below what I wanted it to be. This meant that I would have to give my all to the next semester, including the science fair and many other classes and projects, I managed to make my average go above my goal.

Getting a shiny new laptop

Oh yeah, I got a laptop and I installed Linux on it. Its been quite awesome, even if its fingerprint sensor refuses to work on my Linux partition. It is quite a great improvement compared to my old one, I just can’t complain, even if its not top of the line or anything like that.

Reading 8 books, even if I did not reach my goal

Its crazy how I saw some posts of people sharing how they read 20, 30, 50 or even more books. I feel like I could have done that, but I am fairly content knowing I am capable even if I don’t have the discipline just yet. This year I will try to get at least 15 books read.

Self-hosting a ton of stuff on my own hardware

I did quite a few blogs about this topic. This has been quite liberating, even if a little bit troublesome sometimes. You can just go through the tag and check some of the posts!

Ever since I got my Raspberry Pi I had the intention to try using it to serve some web services, so I am quite happy it has gone fine so far.

Getting into Manga

So, I just realized I did not talk about Manga itself other than during the Monthly Summaries every month, but I enjoyed it a lot, and I have been meaning to write some more posts about why I like this medium. I think I will share some recommendations and thoughts on this soon enough.

I read a bit of everything, from romantic comedies, to coming of age adventures, sports, warfare, horror, among other genres. Most of it was quite great, some of those stories even changed the way I see things quite deeply.

Tracking myself

I started to track my media consumption, as well as my device usage in February, it was something inspired by many people before me. I have managed to get a bit of a grasp of how I use my time in quite a different way.

It was kinda fun to see how my usage habits changed each month, ActivityWatch is such a great tool.


Somehow I was a key player on starting a bit of a trend about Casio and watch collecting in general, my instance admin Kev got quite invested on this, getting a few watches and even spinning Mastodon server focused on Watch Collecting.

I only had once Casio watch and was kinda OK using my Mi Band 7, which I got this year too. However I ended up getting 2 new Casio models, and I have to admit I am quite happy with my purchase even today.

Other things!

To end this post I share some other things that happened this year. Until later!

This is day 2 of my second run of #100DaysToOffload.


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