Switching to DietPi and selfhosting everything

I decided to move over my Raspberry Pi distro to try out selfhosting the easy way

I have been playing around during the last few days with my Raspberry Pi, this is because I decided to move to a distro known as DietPi, which has a bunch of preexisting scripts that setup a bunch of services for you.

I decided to go with Nextcloud, FreshRSS, Jellyfin, Gitea, qBittorrent, and a few others, which I just had to select in a menu, and after a few moments of waiting for the scripts to run, all I had to do was go ahead and access the services from Firefox.

The only problem I had was that the built-in WiFi was not working, but after a bit of research and messing with some scripts and rebooting, it finally worked just fine. I would love to tell you exactly how to fix it, but I was not recording what I did. I just duckduckgo’d stuff, edited scripts, returned back to normal and it somehow fixed itself.

I have been adding stuff to my Jellyfin server, as well as installing apps on Nextcloud and other things. I gotta say, it has been quite fun, and I kinda forgot about the time limit I have to finish my challenge, so I decided to write up something quick, maybe tomorrow I’ll have a more substantial post, but this one is rather short.

Jellyfin is actually amazing, Nextcloud just works, it feels a lot faster now than my previous install too. I also switching from Zerotier to Tailscale, just because Wireguard is kinda cool, and Tailscale is based on it.

Anyways, this has been day 73 of #100DaysToOffload


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