I like building stuff

I built a chest of drawers yesterday and I think I realize I really like doing handy work of many kinds so I will just ramble about this for a minute

You know what speedcubing, origami, piano, gaming and typing have in common? I have to use my hands to do it! I really like making my hands work and do stuff and I am very much someone who can’t really stay put for long at all.

That’s the reason I have a lot of hobbies and I keep switching between them.

I am not the best at any of my hobbies or crafts but I can defend myself, and the same goes for regular house work, stuff like changing a light bulb, replacing a power socker or installing a TV is something I’ve done a couple times before.

However, some of the coolest stuff I’ve done has been with my dad. A couple years back we actually built our own table, as well as a bench to sit on. It took us like a month to build both of them, out of some pallets that would have otherwise ended up in the trash.

After we were done, I felt like I could do anything, and the results were not bad at all.

My latest endeavor was just yesterday, I got myself a new chest of drawers from Costco, it was a set we had to assemble ourselves. My sister helped me but I was the one doing most of the heavy work—which wasn’t really that difficult anyway. After a couple of hours, which were spent looking for a screwdriver, for the most part, we finally managed to assemble the whole thing, and I was also quite happy after doing that.

So yeah, doing things yourself is fun, and I am glad I haven’t gotten myself a Lego set ever in my life because I would probably become poor after having a taste from them. Minecraft does a good enough job at the moment.

This is day 92 of #100DaysToOffload


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