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University's Over

Looking back at 2023

Couch gaming

I like building stuff

The Paradox of Choice

A Friday without a lot of work

The calm before the unknown

Word filters are great

Cultural outsider

Nintendo Switch

Morning writing

Fully completing a game

Borrowing games from friends

I kind of want to try Instagram Threads

I want more FOSS Android Widgets

Webrings and the Small Web

I missed my Anniversary

Feeling betrayed until I got over it

Struggling to consume content in Spanish

Teaming up with strangers

Dealing with going outside

Looking back at 2022

I am fine without a smartwatch

Putting a price to my work

Writing about something

True friendships

Handwritten homework

My domain shall be eternal

Domain name change

Mutt Wizard

Going for a Mint experience

Different services for different needs

My phone scared me

Dawn of the last day

I went for a run today

Looking back at 2021

Some podcasts I liked

A rant about Apple features, MKBHD and standards

Recording thoughts

I have many ideas, but I feel that I can't expand them

Reading books once again

I wanted to bike, I had homework, I did nothing

Back to school

COVID-19 thoughts somewhere in Mexico

Rambling about tech and my lifestyle

Asking for forgiveness due to simple things