Feeling betrayed until I got over it

So today I felt awful after being betrayed by my own family, but after a couple of hours everything is fine again. I just tend to overthink things a little much sometimes.

This was initially started by a prompt by @promptodon.

I feel betrayed today, even if for a dumb reason. You know, I have never seen a studio Ghibli movie, and I’ve always meant to watch them, but I didn’t want to do it alone, but with my family, if possible.

I was playing Smash Brothers with some friends. When I went to the living room, I noticed my sister and other friends had started watching a movie, A Ghibli studio movie. Everytime I had suggested watching one of them, whenever I had the chance, I had been turned down, since they “didn’t feel like it”.

I know, I am an adult, and it’s just a movie, but I had refused to watch them alone, and I had told them many times. I wanted to at some point watch them all blind with them. Now I can’t. They have already seen one. I mentioned it, rather annoyed. I was asked “Do you wanna see it too? By one of the other people. Still, the damage was done, I continued playing Smash Bros in the other room, I was not going to make a scene out of this. I am actually typing this on my phone during a break we just took.

I feel like they actually wanted to watch them, but they didn’t want to watch them with me. Obviously I still haven’t talked about it, the movie isn’t even over yet, It feels disgusting. I could join them and pretend it’s all OK. I am playing videogames just fine. I am making this bigger than it is.

Its childish, I know. Studio Ghibli movies are probably overrated or whatever, but I wanted to see them with my family. Everyone in that room is having a good time and have no idea of how betrayed I feel.

It’s just one of those moments that will go away after a while even if it’s only been half an hour.

I will forget this happened quite quickly, actually, so I decided to write how I feel, since it’s one of the rare moments where I have been betrayed, even if nobody else is aware of it.

One movie later

A while later after we got tired of playing videogames, it was time for dinner, and I told them I was meaning to see these movies with them. So, while having dinner we went ahead and watched Princess Mononoke and now I am happy. 😊

Beautiful movie.

This is day 29 of #100DaysToOffload


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