My domain shall be eternal

So, you guys are awesome, after being kinda sad because my domain was about to expire, friends from all over the Fediverse went ahead and didn't let me die alone, or at all

Yesterday was crazy, after a quick post where I accepted my fate, and was ready to go back to my free Netlify domain and just living there for a while. You guys just could not let me die and accept my defeat. For the first time since I posted my support links in my home page, some of you decided to go ahead and help me out to keep my domain up and running.

Now I want to be honest here, after investigating a little more, due to some information that Kev let me know in the previous blog’s mastodon post, it looks like free *.ml domains can be renewed for free, they will just send me an email two weeks before the expiration date, and I should be able to keep using the domain that way basically forever.

However, the domain itself is not really mine, its just that they let me use it. So I have quite a lot of things I could do, and I still don’t know which path to follow.

I will probably pay to keep this domain properly for myself. I already have a bit of history with it, so, for the sake of keeping it alive, I will own it properly and pay for it, which comes with some more advantages than just renewing it for free each year.

Now, with the amount of money I got I can keep paying for it a few years, but I also plan on getting some other domains for myself, be it for projects I wanna build, maybe a Spanish only website, or a more professional website to show during job interviews, who knows.

I think I can even get a cheap VPS for a couple of years, which would actually be pretty cool, something I never thought I could afford by myself during these times.

Thank you all guys, seriously. Knowing that my website will probably be up for decades fills me with quite a lot of joy, my own little corner in the internet, alive and well for years to come.

Also, while writing this, I realized that there are some old snapshots of the begginings of my website, stored in the Internet Archive, so in case you want to see how it started, the oldest backup is from less than one month after I got started, feel free to take a look!.

I have done blogs before, but nothing like this, I hope this remains for the next decades, I am still young, to think I will be able to see how this evolves over time, it will be simply awesome, I can’t thank you enough for what you all inspired me to do, and all that has happened since I joined Fosstodon, this challenge, and the FOSS movement in general.

This almost feels like the end of the challenge, but it is not, there are still 10 more days to go!

This has been day 90 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge. Thank you for reading, and thank you for helping me out.


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