Dealing with going outside

Friends came to visit, and we've spent all day together, and I just want a break

I have been sorrounded by family friends since the morning started. I talked about how I got my room ready for them to stay. I am really tired, and I just want to sit in front of my computer and do nothing (while pretending to be very tech-savvy).

At the same time I feel weirded out, because they’re outside playing the guitar and singing together. My mom is in the kitchen, helping out, and I am in the dining room.

Well, that’s how it is.

3 hours later…

Since the last sentence. I was told to stop what I was doing and I ended up going outside and joining everyone. It was fun and the food was amazing. I didn’t really feel like socializing that much, in the mean time I made a toot on Fosstodon and boosted a couple things, before I left social media and went to enjoy the night.

It wasn’t bad at all, sometimes I just need a little push, I guess. After we were done, we cleaned up and I went ahead an washed the dishes while listening to the latest Trash Taste episode. They’re my favorite background noise, super chill and a great way to turn off my brain during repetitive tasks.

Anyways, I am halfway through the episode, and I feel like finishing this post already. Its been a nice day overall. I hope yours was too, dear reader!

This is day 14 of #100DaysToOffload


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