I kind of want to try Instagram Threads

There is a lot of mixed feelings on my part when it comes to Facebook, I have to say. Now that Threads are coming, I have to admit I am interested of what's to come for the Fediverse and social media

There is a lot of hate towards Meta, Facebook and everything related with them, and that is absolutely understandable, I take part on that sentiment for the most part, but there are a couple of things that make me somewhat willing to see what Threads brings to the table.

I know the Fediverse will probably collapse once so many millions of new users clash with the existing ones, we will suddenly be the minority, and its only natural for rejection to be the common sentiment. But I can’t help but feel that it just does not matter and we must be ready to take the hit.

The truth is, Facebook was my most used social media last month. This is mostly because I have to use it for work, but I have to admit I ended up personally using it quite a bunch. Mostly, its really annoying, because a lot of the posts I see are ads and worthless suggestions that I just don’t care about. However, every now and then I get to see what this social media could be. Posts and pictures from people I actually know, updates on what they’re up to, and fun memes with inside jokes among friends and family. I actually really like that part of it, its just so chill and cozy, even if its not the main focus, but a rather weird event.

The Trash Taste podcast talked about this as well, Garnt mentioned how he just likes to see what their high school friends and old buddies are up to, some got married, some accomplished their goals, a few share pictures of their children, its actually nice. Maybe I am just becoming a boomer and I just want to interact with people I know in real life rather than with random strangers of the internet (I am kidding, for the most part).

There are a lot of politics, opinions, privacy concerns, security flaws and other controversial matters that involve Meta and their platforms, but it still is the most used social media in the world, and while the opinion of most people in the Fediverse and internet culture in general, is that only old people and fascists use the platform, the reality is that here in Mexico and many parts of the world, Facebook is still King, even among the young people. This is undeniable and those within this bubble of bloggers, geeks and fedizens need to realize that, its reality.

Real people don’t actually care about their privacy, about the politics and behaviours encouraged there, about accessibility, minorities and similar concerns, they just like to scroll, see memes, be entertained. Its sad, but I have to say sometimes I also want to turn off my brain and be fed such random things.

So yeah, with Threads, a new era is upon us. An era where the people I actually know, and the internet strangers I interact with will finally meet, and I kind of can’t wait to see what’s going to evolve out of all this.

This is day 50 of #100DaysToOffload


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