Dawn of the last day

My fate was not so terrible this year, and during these last hours a lot of things will still happen...

So, today I woke up a little later than usual, I tend to be awake by 7 am but I woke up 26 minutes later (yeah, not that late).

After having some time for myself and eating some cereal, we went to a friend’s house to prepare some tamales. You will see, my church goes every Friday to two local hospitals in our town, most of the time we only bring coffee and sandwich for people who are outside, taking care of family members, visiting friends and waiting for news about the state of significant others.

This time we decided to make a special treat and prepare some Tamales, which is one of the best forms of food the Mexican gastronomy has to offer, right behind Tacos al Pastor if I do say so myself. Hand-made tamales are something everyone has to try if you come to Mexico someday.

After we got home me and my little sister watched the first three episodes from Cobra Kai’s 4th season, it started pretty strong, I can’t wait to see the rest!

I write this right after finishing lunch time, we ate some Tostadas de frijoles y queso, nothing too special, but they are always welcome in my belly and I am sure any non-Mexican would enjoy them a lot.

We aren’t going to the hospital until a few hours from this being published but right after that, we will have some Lasagna for dinner. It is not Mexican food, but you can’t have it everything, right? Let us give some credit to the Italian cuisine I guess.

So, yeah, I am grateful with God for this year, it has been rough at times, but we are still going, I am still going, and I pray next year God gives us all the strength to keep it up, whatever comes next.

Have a Happy New Year everyone. This is day 71 of #100DaysToOffload


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