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What's on my Phone (Fall 2023)

Some Fediverse updates

I want more FOSS Android Widgets

Newsboat queries and FreshRSS web scraping

Degoogled, again, on Android 13

Rofi is my favorite app launcher

Backing up my smartphone data

Back to dwm

Updating a package for Void Linux

Organizing my Email, reliving memories

Putting a price to my work

Settling on a Custom Rom

FOSS Android apps I like

Back on Fosstodon

Keeping track of things

Ricing dwm

Private messaging

Apps I like

My domain shall be eternal

DAVx5 and vdirsynced

Mutt Wizard

Going for a Mint experience

Fetch full article content in FreshRSS

Different services for different needs

Gaming on Void Linux

Selfhosting my news feed with FreshRSS

I went for a run today

Troubleshooting Void Linux

Self-hosting Nextcloud

Return to the Void

Moving my parents towards security and FOSS

Linux, Elitism and complexity

Enabling 2FA everywhere ain't easy

Not every post has to be a tutorial (Catching up)

Backup your dotfiles using stow

Getting a Raspberry Pi to play with

Scripting mistakes and tilde communities

Learning Inkscape is fun

How to highlight the current section of a Jekyll website

New section, the software I use!

Pass password manager on Linux, Android and Windows

Switching to K-9 Mail, a FOSS email client

MauiKit apps, school exams, switching rom

Changing my workflow, making it Vim-like, switching rom

How to stream music to Android with MPD

Changing the comment system and customizing this site

Don't just switch your password manager, clean it up too!

Doing changes to the blog archive page (and others)

I tried Pale Moon, but Firefox extensions are too good

I made a rofi script to automate this blog

Writing a blog from the terminal

My academic writing workflow (Markdown + Pandoc)

I am making a new text-adventure game

Back to school

Can all apps be FOSS on Play Store?

Homework and FOSS apps

Rambling about tech and my lifestyle

Listening Podcasts on Antennapod

Changing my android ROM once again

Using KDEConnect

Adding comment support to my website

Getting started with game development

My spectrwm setup

Is Newpipe better than YouTube / Vanced?

How I use RSS