Keeping track of things

While I am not a fan of companies tracking my behavior online, I do believe that keeping track of myself is kinda neat

So I was reading the latest blogpost by Edel, a fellow Fosstodon member, about the many things she has done this month, from books, music, app usage and other things. I started following her blog recently since she joined the #100DaysToOffload which I am about to finish.

I’ve thought about how cool it is to be able to pick a week, or a date and be able to know what you did in that day. I haven’t really had the time to do journaling or anything like that, but I guess this blog has kind of become that for me, although I don’t really follow any method and go by whatever I feel like writing, which I guess is yet another way of journaling.

I didn’t even know a lot of the software and tools that Edel used to track all of that stuff. So I guess I will take a look at them sometime soon, since I don’t really have such granular control over the things I currently do.

Some programs I use have decent usage statistics though. Like AntennaPod, but it still lacks daily, monthly or yearly metrics, it only keeps track of the time I’ve spent listening to each podcast I follow.

Tachiyomi also tracks my progress reading manga, and the database it keeps is pretty nice, I use Anilist to keep track of both manga and anime in the same place. I also use Backloggd to track the videogames I’ve played, as well as Letterboxd for movies I watch.

I have decided to use ActivityWatch too, I installed my app on my phone, which is sadly not dark themed, as well as the Linux client. I might put some work into the CSS or just wait for the devs to work on it, maybe its already in some setting and I’m just missing it.

Anyways, I didn’t really have that much to say today. I like the idea of keeping track of things, I hope I get some use out of the data I’m collecting, maybe I will try to make it appear in my website somehow for anyone to see using some API or something.

Another thing that kinda made me think of this is the time I’ve invested into manga reading. The one I am reading like crazy since I finished Solo Leveling is Kingdom, the story is so good and its starting to take away my time from other things, I love the battles and action, its a lot easier to follow and feels much more realistic, despite a few fantasy elements here and there.

I just realized I spent 5 hours reading it today, 6 yesterday, despite having classes today, I got quite distracted this time, which is bad, because I don’t want to end up doing “just enough” to pass, since I know I can do a lot better. I’ll probably read some more before going to sleep, but I have to restrain myself since school is starting to get serious again.

Anyways, this is day 98 of #100DaysToOffload, right on time.


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