Settling on a Custom Rom

I think that I found the ideal custom ROM for me, at least until Android 13 comes out, and the process begins all over again

So I really like customizing my Android phone, and I have switched my rom a bunch of times since before I started this blog.

But I believe this is the first time that I’ve restrained myself to the same ROM for multiple updates, without any factory reset or wipe of my data. Even mantaining encryption enabled for better security, although I still have superuser enabled via Magisk, but its my phone so deal with it.

This update they fixed plenty of bugs, the most annoying of which was one where the SystemUI stopped working if I accessed an app’s info screen from the recents overview. I also noticed a smoother experience and animations, which are always a little sloppy on 3rd party launchers. Yes, I am still rocking Nova Launcher, its just too good, even if its not FOSS. Don’t bother recommending anything, I’ve tried it all and just keep coming back, sorry.

So yeah, I think I am staying on CR Droid for the time being, the support is great and everything works just fine. So I guess my ROM-hopping has ended when it comes to Android 12 roms. Let’s wait for what 13 has to offer…


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