What's on my Phone (Fall 2023)

I decided to write about the stuff that I have running on my phone lately.

Hey! What’s on my phone videos are the kind of thing I am always looking for on YouTube. I miss the times when Youtubers like Marques Brownlee would do videos talking about the apps they used, I enjoyed them quite a bit, although they got kinda repetitive. But I still decided to do my own blogpost about it.

Interestingly enough, most of the people doing these videos are female iPhone or Samsung owners who are usually kpop fans, they use tons of social media apps, camera filters, video editors. They’ll even mention the case they’re using, the stickers or pictures of their favorite idol they have on them and stuff like that which I honestly don’t care about. There’s nothing bad about any of this, it’s simply not interesting to me anymore.

Whatever, some of these already are in my uses page but others are not as important, but may be interesting to you. I’ll try to categorize the apps, but let’s start from the top.

Android ROM

I am currently using ArrowOS since its one of not so few official ROMs still supporting my device. It is a great rom with quite a lean set of features, more focused on performance than customization.

The apps

Most of my apps are indeed FOSS, but I still have some proprietary apps, I’ll make some keys to mark them a bit more, and also split them in categories. I am completely copying this from Dom Corriveau’s blogpost, which happened to have some great ideas when it comes to organizing this huge list, so there we go.


Everyday Use

App Stores


Social media, videos and stuff that entertains me, and sometimes annoys me.


The services I use to communicate with friends, family, work and internet strangers.


These app interact with Linux or help me manage my android system how I want


These apps need root access to work.


Whatever can access or create media and files.


What I play sometimes, interactive entertainment.


I like to rice my phone almost as much as I rice my laptop.


Other stuff that is useful to me or needed by the system or hardware I use. Kinda general.

Finishing thoughts

Alright I think this is pretty much it. I skipped some things like banking apps and such because nobody cares.

I get most of my apps from F-Droid, but remember to use the Droid-ify app client!
I get most of my apps from F-Droid, but remember to use the Droid-ify app client!

This is day 62 of #100DaysToOffload


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