FOSS Android apps I like

We all know Newpipe and AntennaPod and Bromite, but sometimes, some apps don't get to shine as much, so I wanted to share a couple that I think deserve some love too

As an added bonus, all the apps in this list have an icon available on the Arcticons icon pack, most probably made by me B). Other than that, the description pretty much says it all so I’ll just start with the list.


PolyCal is a calendar widget that does exactly what I want, its just a compact list of events, with the important information laid out in a really minimal way. It does not have a lot of settings, but you can adjust the date format and some other things.

It integrates well with Simple Calendar and most others, since it requires Calendar access and all that. You can even select only certain calendars to show up, which adds a nice bit of privacy.

Super Retro Mega Wars

Just look at that title! if that wasn’t enough to try it out, I don’t know what will. This is a great collection of retro games that can be played solo and even online with your friends. It’s also made with Godot, an open source game engine that I’ve used in the past. it has a great aesthetic and the controls are great, so if you find yourself bored you should give it a go.

URL Radio

This is quite a recent discovery for me. The app just does what it says, you can add a URL from some web radio and play it no problem, what I like about it is that you don’t even have to know the URL of anything, it comes with quite a big list of stations you can just add and forget. I personally found some nice Lo-fi and Videogame music stations that I didn’t even know I needed in my life.

There are no subscriptions and no need to get a local music collection, just choose a station that fits your mood and be free.


This is a really nice Gemini client (remember when that was all the rage?). It works great for the few sites I follow with it. I really enjoy using it, even if its not so common when it happens. I started a Gemini capsule along this website back then, but it has been a second class citizen and it barely functions properly, but you can visit it if you feel like it


If you are a reader like me you are probably aware of Goodreads, a website that lets you keep track of books you read. If you are a Fediverse advocate like me, you probably know about Bookwyrm, the alternative to it.

Openreads is, sadly, not a Bookwyrm client, but it allows you to keep track of the books you’ve read locally on your device. It also has a great UI and smoothness. It would be great if it could sync with Bookwyrm, skipping on the social aspect, like how Tachiyomi syncs progress with MAL or Anilist.

That’s it

So yeah I just wanted to share some apps that I thought deserved a bit more recognition, they are not in any particular order but this is the end of the post so it doesn’t really matter what I say now.

Anyways, let me know if you would like me to do this again with some other apps or maybe some Linux programs too. Until later.


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