Back on Fosstodon

I decided to return to my previous instance after a while.

So I returned to Fosstodon after being on another instance which, I helped manage. Some people might have thought I was self-hosting it myself but that wasn’t the case, I just wanted to help administrate it.

This happened during the Twitter exodus after it was announced Musk would buy Twitter and turn it into a free-speech platform. During the hype I accepted an invitation from Josias to be part of a new instance since I wanted to feel what it was like.

In the end however it was a little too late, not a lot of people joined and I started to miss the community aspect of Fosstodon’s local timeline.

There was no real problem with staying in, let it be clear, and even if there was troublesome people I could have just banned them y’know? I was an admin! I had unlimited power!

So anyways I am back on Fosstodon for the time being, and I won’t be hopping instances for the time being.

I’ve also been thinking about downloading the comments that have been done in my blog. In case any of the instances or posts that I use get lost at some point. So I will try to code something to have static comments, I guess.


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