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University's Over

Looking back at 2023

As many posts as last year

The calm before the unknown

Lossy Memory

AMA Responses 1

Just start blogging

Ask Me Anything

This week so far...

Cultural outsider

The way I read books

Morning writing

Time flies when you don't think

I missed my Anniversary

Feeling betrayed until I got over it

Struggling to consume content in Spanish

Dealing with going outside

Cleaning my room, cleaning my phone

My Every Day Carry because why not

I am fine without a smartwatch

Starting a trend by accident

A normal day of social service

Putting a price to my work

June 2022 Summary

New laptop, new distro, Windows again

Leaving Google Photos (part 1)

On feeling like an Impostor

Writing about something

Day 100... right?

True friendships

Keeping track of things

Handwritten homework

Installing LabVIEW in Linux Mint 20.3

Domain name change

Not distrohopping

Buying shoes

Creating my own theme for FreshRSS

Dawn of the last day

My first Brawl Stars challenge win

Not blogging for a whole month

How I lost two dogs in two days

Babysitting dogs and a Black Widow mini review

Asking for forgiveness due to simple things