My Every Day Carry because why not

As a student I get quite interested in EDC videos and similar content quite often, but they often tend to have pretty expensive stuff. So I wanted to share what I carry with me in a more realistic and pragmatic manner.

The Every Day Carry videos around YouTube are one of the many kinds of videos I get suggested whenever from time to time. They don’t really make a lot of sense to me because they are pretty much the same everytime, showcasing titanium knives, thin wallets, expensive pens, Apple Airpods and minimal key organizers.

The products on those videos change like every month and they are always super expensive for what they are and I never really get anything out of watching them. I decided to write this either way, but at least the stuff I use ain’t crazy expensive. You’re welcome.

My Every Day Carry


I have a simple bifold wallet made of cheap looking leather that I got as a gift from a friend back in like 2018. Up until then all my wallets were made of cloth, and were quite thick. I think it costed like 6 bucks or less, and it has served me quite well, even if it does not have any fancy features. I only have my ID and University ID, some coins to take the bus, a couple bills sometimes. More than enough, and its super thin too unless I have a lot of coins.

I don’t get people who get fancy metal wallets and similar, but I can’t deny some of their mechanisms or cool designs seem great, too expensive to be worth it though.

My Phone

I use a degoogled Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, a 4 year old device that still runs fairly well for a low-mid range phone. I really enjoy using it still, not planning to change it at least for another year. I plan to do a What’s On My Phone kinda thing one of these days, so I’ll expand on this later.

My Laptop

I know you may not carry your laptop everyday, but as a Mechatronics Engineering student, having a laptop makes a lot of things easier. I have an Asus Vivobook S15, its not really that powerful, but it has proven decent enough for my use. I don’t do a lot of super complex simulations though, I only use Matlab, LabVIEW and other programs, but nothing as complex as other Engineering fields or universities.


My current earphones are the Sony WF-C500, I think they are the cheapest TWS earphones Sony has (under 100 dollars), but that does not mean they are bad, not at all. I really enjoy how they sound even if there can be some white noise when listening to quiet songs or some podcasts, I won’t die because of it.

They do not have any fancy features, no ANC, no Transparency mode, no touch controls (just physical buttons) and I am fine with that. However, I do think they may not be the best for their price, but I don’t see a reason to change and buy a different set anytime soon either way.

Wrist Watch

Currently the Casio AE-1200, also known as the World Timer, is my current choice, it got a really cool and unique look that kinda fits with everything.

Among my favorite features is its 5 alarms that I’ve found more useful than I thought, as well as their timer function which is helpful when I want to set limits to my activities or have a quick alarm for some event in a few minutes, not to mention it keeps running in the background, so I can return to the main mode and it will just beep when the time’s up. The world time is the most known feature of this device, I have a couple friends overseas and I now know the time over there with the push of a button.

Finishing up

In the end, the stuff I use is not really that special, but its the stuff I actually carry with me day to day. A lot of the little gadgets and things that those videos feature aren’t really something I care about, like key holders or knives. If you like camping or handy work, or you have many keys I guess they make sense. But for me this is all fine. I do have a Rubik’s cube keychain too, usually on my backpack, which is quite nice. That’s all!

Some of the stuff I carry, I took the pic with my phone so
The things I usually go with, I took the pic with my phone so its not there.


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