June 2022 Summary

Media consumption and what I've been up to this month of June

Once again, let’s go through the media I consumed this month, shall we?

This time I was on vacation so I don’t really worry much about how I’ve spent my time. I should consider doing some more productive things, but meh.


I can’t really recall any particularly interesting podcasts.

I did listened to a couple of reviews from They’re Just Movies, specifically Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, and Lightyear, which I haven’t seen, but since I heard it ain’t that great I wanted to see their opinions anyways. Also, they just released an episode on The Thing, which is my favorite horror movie, but I didn’t listen to it in June.

Other than that I listened to a couple Darknet Diaries episodes, Hot Swaps and Hot Wallets, which were really interesting.

MKBHD’s Waveform podcast also had some great episodes, I liked the one with Tom Scott as guest, it was really interesting.


Still pretty much none, there is a reason I joined a Bookwyrm instance named Bookrastinating lol.


I started and finished The Boxer, this one is actually a manhwa (south Korean manga pretty much), like Solo Leveling, which I’ve mentioned before. As the name implies, its about boxing, but its so much more. I’ve not read a lot of sports manga, but I’ve seen those stories in movies and series all the time. This one is different, it takes the stereotypes of the genre and gives them a really unique twist. Every character is well written and has a reason to be there, and the plot is simply fantastic. I don’t want to spoil anything, if you are interesting in reading or watching anything I did during June, this is it.

I also finished Horimiya, which is pretty much the ideal Rom-com manga with characters that actually make decisions that make sense and have a realistic behavior when facing X or Y situations. That does not mean it does not have its wholesome, funny and romantic moments though, now I understand why its considered among the best of the genre, although I still have some others to read.

Also I gave Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou a read, It seems like a nice slice of life in a pretty unique kinda dystopian, yet hopeful setting. I’ve only read like 5 chapters though.

I am pretty much up to date in other manga like Kingdom, Sakamoto Days and One-Punch Man, which is going through a fantastic arc right now, you should catch up to it if you don’t wanna miss it.

I am still reading Alita, I only read a couple chapters this month though.


I finished SPY × FAMILY, it really enhanced the manga to new levels, the animation was fantastic and it was really fun watching it with my sister. It’s pretty family friendly too, which is nice.

I am also watching the 2nd season of Komi Can’t Communicate, I am at chapter 8 so far.

TV Shows

I watched the 4th season (Part 1) of Stranger Things, its really good, if Season 2 made you leave and Season 3 was not good enough for you, I think this one may be just enough to pull you back to Hawkins. I will be watching the second half this month, I hope the quality stays high.

I also watched Kenobi, and enjoyed it quite a lot, but there are some issues with the plot and writing. The last two episodes get real good though, if a bit fan-servicey, but that’s what I am here for!


I watched Jurassic World Dominion and it was a really fun popcorn movie where I just shut my brain off and enjoy whats happening on screen. I liked it.

Also, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. I really enjoyed what Sam Raimi did with the material he was given, its messy at some points but its so fresh and different that I didn’t really mind, there are some moments where I thought “they could have handled that better” and some others where I was like “How did they let him do that in a Marvel movie?”, it was really cool.


I kinda didn’t use Spotify nor my own music server. I found URL Radio on F-Droid and discovered some radios with Ambient Space music and LoFi, since I listed mostly while sleeping (with a sleep timer of course) or writing.

Screen Time

Alright so lets go with some facts about my phone usage.

Since I got a new laptop I didn’t install ActivityWatch yet, but its pretty much just Firefox and Vim as always.

Finishing up

So that was the month of June, I consumed quite a lot of content this time, I still haven’t put much time into reading books, again.

Anyways, vacations are great, I just have to find another sci-fi universe to get myself invested into, so give some recommendations if you think I might like them.


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