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Answers to the questions some of my readers had about me, why not?

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Alright, here are some answers to your questions. If your question is not here, there were some more answers in a previous post

  • @Doctor_Derp asks: Do you like waffles/pancakes/french toast?

    Yes, I like them all, I eat them all, I enjoy them all, good food.

  • Konstantin asks: what’s your favorite kind of coffee?

    I think it would be American coffee? It’s just coffee with a couple spoons of sugar and fresh milk. Café con leche!

    I also like Café de Olla.

  • Clayton asks: What was your first computer and what lead you to love technology and FOSS?

    This is a hard one, I remember playing with my father’s laptops a few times, there was this cereal box motorcycle racing game that I found quite fun. I think I still have it.

    My first desktop was some sort of HP thing with 512 MB of RAM, running Windows XP and quite a bit of very slow hard drive storage. I remember trying a CD of FIFA 07 for PC and it ran pretty well. I didn’t really care about FOSS until 2016 or so, when I discovered F-Droid and custom ROMs, but still, it was more because of the free as in gratis, I didn’t care much about the freedom for another couple years when I started to care about game development, discovered Godot, then Linux, and the rest is history. I may go into more detail in a biggee post.

  • Rogue asks: Any rare games you’ve been wanting to find and play on your PSP?

    I don’t really have anything I can’t find 😉 … But there are some games I’ve been meaning to play. One of those games is Riviera: The Promised Land, it sounds neat, and it is a JRPG, I don’t know what else to say.

  • Hyde asks: What do you think of those youtubers that do some boxing?

    I don’t know who does that, not really following that side of YouTube, but the few times I’ve heard about that I found out there’s also Chess-Boxing where you do a round of boxing and another of chess, and I think that sounds kind of fun.

  • Benjamin Hollon asks: If you could do anything full-time without having to worry about money or other factors, what would that dream job be?

    Traveling is probably the answer—not really a dream job though.

    Honestly I would probably like to do game development, I really enjoyed it during the pandemic and it was fun, I would use some of my infinite money to get a powerful desktop and some instruments to make my soundtracks and learn more about everything. I liked making games. Maybe even be in charge of just directing it, having a full team of well paid people to help me achieve my vision—I don’t know that vision yet, though.

  • 82Mhz asks: What brought you to blogging and having a website in the first place?

    I kind of answered this question already! In my previous blogpost. In short, I found out about the fediverse, about the small web community and Linux, and I decided to start blogging once I discovered Kev Quirk’s 100 Days To Offload challenge.

  • CactoChameleon9 asks: Do you have any interesting short term or long term ambitions?

    I just want to have a job that allows me to have 2 free days and where I just have to be in front of a computer doing whatever I’m asked to do, I want to have enough time to keep blogging, doing my hobbies and discovering new ones. I would like to code or expand on one of the videogames I’ve developed, as a solo project of mine, and earn some money that way too—it would still be FOSS though.

    I would like to have a family, have kids, teach them everything I know as soon as possible, specially origami! They would be bilingual, solve rubiks cubes, do yo-yo tricks and be the coolest kids at school, But I also want to be able to accept their choices in life—unless that choice involves not doing origami. 😤

  • Wouter asks: Why isn’t your top 25 GOAT list on your blog, and why don’t you talk a little bit about each entry?

    Oh yeah, that was going to be a future blog! I kind of did it on a whim, I will expand on my choices later and think this through more in depth, it should be fun! I meant to do it but I kinda forgot, so thanks to the reminder… proceeds to forget again.

For now these are all the answers for the questions I could find, if you have anymore questions feel free to leave them somewhere! This was really fun, actually—let’s do it again!

This is post 74 of #100DaysToOffload. Have a good rest of your day, fellow reader. 😊

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