🗄️Origami Models

This archive contains pics of some origami models, both original of me, or works of other artists. All of the photographed models were folded by me.

Model Author Tutorial Photo
Gorilla Joseph Wu Yes
 I love when cool models come from the simplest bases. This is an example of that!
Cat Jose Anibal Voyer Yes
 A simple cat, one of the first models I made, really easy to do.
Pig Fuchimoto Muneji Yes
 A Pig with quite big ears. Cute, simple and 3D.
Heart with Butterfly Andrey Lukyanov Yes
 A heart with a Butterfly on top of it, this model was made for the Origami Internet-Olympiad 2011, which was made in honor of Eric Joisel.
Owl Nguyễn Hùng Cường Yes
 An Owl with a great 3D look, really smooth and clean looking.
Tyrannosaurus Jhon Montroll No
 Dinosaur with very short arms and a big head.
Turtle Robert J. Lang Yes
 This is my favorite turtle design and its super simple too.
Tortoise Sergey Yartsev Yes
 A 2D tortoise which looks pretty minimal and cool.
Master Yoda Fumiaki Kawahata Yes
 A really great gift for any Star Wars fan
Pig Hideo Kumatsu Yes
 A very simple 2D pig that looks better on small paper.
Dollar Bill Hare Barth Dunkan Yes
 An easy to fold model that is probably worth more than a dollar.
Elephant Fumiaki Kawahata Yes
 A super cute elephant which looks minimal, simple and elegant.

This site page is still work in progress. More models will be added in the future! Thanks for keeping up with me.