May 2024 Summary

Here's a recap of what I enjoyed doing during the month of May!


I mostly stuck with the regulars this time, but there’s one show I listened to years ago, and I’m going back to it.

The regulars were: Into The Aether, Eye of the Duck, Stuff You Should Know and Late Night Linux.


I didn’t read as much this month, I focused on many other things as my last few posts might tell you. I still started one book though.




Here comes the juice of it all. I got a Miyoo Mini Plus recently, a little emulation handheld with support for a lot of different systems from the PS1 and below. And it comes with fantastic features like quick game switching and an activity tracker app, to see how much I use the thing!

Because of this, I’ve gamed a lot more than before. It doesn’t help a got a fancy new game for the Switch that also hooked me completely.

I played many other games for testing on the Miyoo Mini Plus, but I not many exceeded the hour of playtime, so I dind’t mention them for now.

Device Usage

Laptop Usage

Notice the rise in editing tools for the theme and icons I created for my Miyoo Mini Plus, as well as my file manager for the same thing. Of course, I blogged too.

Phone Usage

I used my phone for a total of 203 hours. You can notice I changed from YouTube to Tubular late in the month, and I’ve been using Signal a lot more to talk with my friends!

Kobo Usage

I only read for 3 hours this month. A bit of a letdown, but I am not sad about it, I enjoyed my time gaming and watching anime with my family.

Finishing thoughts

This month was crazy, packed with a lot of stuff, but I had a great time with the WeblogPoMo challenge and everything else.

This is day 55 of #100DaysToOffload


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