May 2022 Summary

What I've done for the last month of May, year 2022, stuff happened

May has finally ended, and so did the semester, so I am pretty much free. Now that I am on vacation I will try to make time for more reading and productive stuff, at least that’s what I hope, for now I’ll share what I did this month.


I finally managed to properly listen to the 4th season of The Magnum Archives. This is a fantastic show with horror and suspense like no other. This season has some incredible new concepts and really intriguing statements to listen to. I am still not done yet, but its going great.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Trash Taste podcast before, but I really enjoy having it as background noise, the conversations these guys have are always super entertaining and fun, and the few times where they actually talk about anime and manga are really enjoyable. For some reason AntennaPod won’t load its cover though, so I struggle to find it sometimes.


I know I said I would catch up this month, but I did not, sadly. I just can’t choose what to read for some reason. But I have decided that manga counts too!


I started reading Horimiya, a fantastic rom-com manga that is considered among the best, I am at chapter 70, for now, Its finished, so I will probably end it in a couple of days.

I am caught up with Spy X Family, and anime-only enjoyers are going to have a really fun time. I am at Chapter 62

I started and caught up with Kubo Won’t Let Me be Invisible, its just so wholesome, I think its anime is airing just now, but I don’t think I’ll watch it since its super fresh, I am at chapter 109.

Btw, Komi Can’t Communicate is going through one of the funniest arcs ever so if you are not up to date with the manga, you really should.

I am up to date with the usual stuff.


I completed Kaguya-sama: Love is War in like, a day, I watched the video on it by Schaffrillas Productions months ago, and I finally decided to give it a watch. This one is so much fun and I was so sad when I realized there were only 12 episodes, thankfully, the next season is airing right now, so I will watch it once its done.

I also watched Record of Ragnarok, a more action-focused anime about a battle one on one between gods and humanity. The greatest humans agains the most powerful gods of different religions and cultures. It honestly makes no sense, but it has some fantastic animation and nerve-wracking moments, I still haven’t watched as much anime of this genre since I got into slice of life, but this one went by really quickly.

I am also watching Spy X Family and Komi-san’s 2nd season.

For some reason I still don’t finish My Dress-Up Darling.

Movies & Series

I gave Uncharted a watch, and it was not as boring as I expected, I have not played the games though, so that might be a reason. There were definitely moments where I was thinking “I wish I could control this right now”.

I also started watching Kenobi, and I am really happy with it, but looking at the community kinda made me sick, so I will stick to watching it and keeping it all to myself, and my sister!, who is also watching it with me, which is awesome.


I have been messing around with local music players, Jellyfin and stuff and I think that I don’t really have good stats this month, but its pretty much the same as the previous one.

I had a bit of a nostalgia hit with some EDM stuff, like Middle by DJ Snake, Runaway (U & I) by Galantis and others.

Screen Time

I actually didn’t expect my usage to be like this, but it happens.

Desktop is mostly Firefox and Vim, so yeah.

Wrapping up

Somehow, despite having final projects and everything, I managed to do a lot of hobbies and stuff, I folded origami, read manga and I also took the time to distro-hop, this time I went with Fedora 36, and went with KDE instead of a window manager, to change things out a bit.

I hope I read a lot more text-only books during summer, I will have a lot of free time, so I should manage to read 5 or more if I control myself.


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