March 2024 Summary

Here's what I read, watched and spent my time on during March! Tons of stuff this time, with good variety.

Hey again, last month was quite great! I watched quite a bunch of stuff. Some of my highlights would be me getting a Kobo reader—with stats to be added to my device usage section. Reading Dune, starting the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime, listening to the Callisto sci-fi podcast, and of course watching Dune: Part Two on theaters!


  • Sir Khan: I’ve been getting back into Warhammer 40K lore and this Spanish podcast is just great, pure narrative and epic moments!
  • Trash Taste: I listened to some great episodes that were quite fun. The one about conspiracy theories was hilarious.
  • Relatos de la Noche: Horror stories narrated in Spanish, great voice and no ad reads in the middle make this good enough for me.
  • CALLISTO: This was a short science fiction psychological horror drama that took me by surprise, I wish it was longer—it only has three episodes—but it was enjoyable and intriguing nonetheless.


In Progress

  • Monster: I am very close to the end of this Manga and it just keeps getting more and more convoluted in a wonderful way, everything is coming together and flashbacks are bringing answers, and creating new questions. I hope the ending delivers, because this mystery is one of the best I’ve read.
  • Komi Can’t Communicate: Just read a few chapters for this, but they were more extras rather than actual plot, I hope more happens next.
  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End: After watching the anime I decided to catch up on the Manga too, and it is still absolutely great!
  • Dandadan: After the anime trailer came out I decided to catch up on the Manga too, and it is still absolutely great!


  • Remina: This was a Junji Ito story, science fiction horror end of the world story about a wandering planet getting closer and closer to Earth, the mass hysteria and the fight for survival, and the absolutely insane last couple of chapters made this a really interesting read.


  • Uncle From Another World: This was quite a funny anime that has a bunch of isekai tropes, except that the character is a grown up adult and he just finished his journey and came back to reality. So, his nephew decides to turn him into a YouTuber. It was so funny I finished it in a day.

  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End: I watched the first 5 episodes and I ended up crying a couple of times, this is a beautifully done rendition that improves on the original material quite gracefully, I will keep watching.

  • Gurren Lagann: I watched a couple more episodes of this one, it is still fun mecha battles and some interesting plotpoints just happened, gotta watch more.


In progress

  • Dune: I started reading this after Dune Part Two came out, I am at 69% of the story and I am loving it quite a lot, it really is as good as people say.
  • The Palace of Eternity: I saw another YouTuber recommending this sci-fi space opera and I decided to read it alongside Dune, I was actually impressed by it and I hope I finish it soon.


  • The Undefeated: I was looking for something short to read and this came up, it was quite an interesting story that didn’t quite feel like sci-fi in anything but background setting. More of a memoir, but good.
  • Tender is The Flesh: A dystopia where animal meat cannot be ingested and cannibalism becomes accepted in society. It is more of a character driven story, and all the characters are kind of despicable, discretion is adviced.


  • Dune: Part Two: Absolutely fantastical movie, a must watch! I found it much better than the first part. The score, the cinematography, the color and everything was incredible. I liked it a lot.
  • Kung Fu Panda 4: This was much better than I expected, but not better than the first two. I think it was rather short, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Po actually learned something instea
  • Damsel: This was a Netflix movie that was picked at random, Millie Bobby Brown is on everything these days huh, good for her! The story was rather interesting, and darker than I expected. A princess tale turned nightmare.
  • The Lion King: A true classic we watched as a family early on the month, still a masterpiece.

Device Usage


I used my laptop for 90 hours total

  • Firefox for 67 hours
  • Alacritty for 14 hours
  • Gimp for 3 hours
  • Calibre for 2 hours


I used my phone for 180 hours total

  • YouTube for 50 hours
  • WhatsApp for 26 hours
  • Tusky for 22 hours
  • Cromite for 16 hours
  • Librera for 9 hours
  • Bible for 8 hours
  • Mihon for 5 hours
  • Discord for 5 hours
  • Signal for 5 hours


I got an ereader recently, and here are my current stats so far, fetched from KOReader.

I’ve read a total of 1647 pages in the span of 23 hours

  • Dune Read for 16:04 hours
  • The Palace of Eternity for 3:17 hours
  • The Undefeated for 2:18 hours

So yeah, a bunch of stuff! I hope you found some interesting stuff to check for yourself! I hope you had a good month too!

This is day 25 of #100DaysToOffload


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