January 2023 Summary

You may not believe this, but I didn't actually spend all my time writing this blog. Here are the Podcasts, Movies and Media I consumed, as well as device usage statistics and the like, for the first month of 2023!

I went for 31 days straight posting semi-decent posts. By checking out my archive you can see how January tends to be the month with the most content published, but 31 days straight is quite a record for me, and with this summary, 32 posts in 32 days will be done. Its kind of awesome to be this consistent. Let’s start then.


I listened to podcasts for 73 hours during this month. I actually decided to listen a few podcasts in Spanish, due to the post I wrote about most of my media consumption being not in my native language. They still didn’t make it to the top of my stats this month, but still, nice progress.

Other podcasts I listened to were:

Movies and Series




I actually barely read anything. This time, I only read some chapters of series I’ve mentioned before:

Device usage

This month was a little weird, going back to school only a couple days a week, and an update to one of my favorite games really changed the way I usually use my devices this time.

Phone usage

Used for a total of 204 hours. A bit less than December!

Desktop usage

Wrapping up

Not a lot to say, this is the first post of February, tomorrow I am travelling, so it is likely that tomorrow I will break my streak, but I still have hope that it won’t be the case.

This is day 32 of #100DaysToOffload


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