December 2022 Summary

I will also do an overview of the whole year, but for now this will have to suffice, I got some time, so it will be done tomorrow probably

This one will be short, I’ll share some more thoughts in another blogpost regarding doing these summaries for the year!


Movies and Series




Screen Time

I switched to Void Linux this month, and I did not install ActivityWatch for a while due to laziness. The browser extension for ActivityWatch also got broken, so I am unable to specify which websites I visited the most. I will admit quite a few hours of them were on Anime sites. Here is what I got so far.

Phone Usage

I used my phone for 207 hours in total.

Desktop Usage

My computer was on for 144 hours.

Wrapping up

I would love to do a better summary for the whole of 2022, so I’ll work on that for tomorrow if possible. Have a Happy New Year people!

Also, this is day 1 of my second run of #100DaysToOffload.


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