August 2023 Summary

Here is what I did during the month of August, once again, quite a lot of stuff!

I tried to write a little bit more this month, and I managed to do so, but I am still on my internship, although at this point, I feel I’ll be like this as soon as I get a job. So, other than that I have done quite a bit of stuff, here is some of it.


I listened to around 90 hours of Podcasts! a third of that is Welcome to NightVale, which I sleep to, so maybe I actually listened to only half of that. Most of the time I listen to the same stuff, so here are some different things I wanted to recommend.




Device Usage

With my PSP and Switch lacking proper ways to track my usage other than estimates, I can’t really say how much I’ve played stuff, whatever, my laptop and phone remain reliable.


I used my laptop for 30 hours, A lot of that time was spent moving stuff around to my PSP since I was into a bit of a phase once again, writing a blogpost about it.

Android phone

I used my phone for around 212 hours, as you may be able to tell, due to my internship I spend more time not at home. It is how it is

Final words

I am done! The year is coming to an end in only a few more months, and I am still a little behind, but hey, this is still day 56 of #100DaysToOffload


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