August 2023 Summary

Here is what I did during the month of August, once again, quite a lot of stuff!

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I tried to write a little bit more this month, and I managed to do so, but I am still on my internship, although at this point, I feel I’ll be like this as soon as I get a job. So, other than that I have done quite a bit of stuff, here is some of it.


I listened to around 90 hours of Podcasts! a third of that is Welcome to NightVale, which I sleep to, so maybe I actually listened to only half of that. Most of the time I listen to the same stuff, so here are some different things I wanted to recommend.

  • Avatar: Braving the Elements: Fantastic podcast featuring Dante Basco (Zuko) and Janet Varney (Korra) doing a recap of the Last Airbender animated show. This podcast is fantastic and brings me so much joy. I am currently listening to their episode on the Winter Solstice two parter.

  • Eye of the Duck: This is an episode about the most important scene on a movie. Its from the same family of shows as Into The Aether, the hosts are quite great. I listened to their episode on Night Of The Living Dead (I have a thing for horror movie reviews) and I had a great time.


  • Spy X Family: Me and my siblings finished season two, and we had a blast watching it, its really easy to enjoy them all


  • Green Blood: This manga is located during the end of the civil war, with everyone looking to enjoy the American Dream. The quest of a pair of brothers looking for revenge. Discretion is advised, it is quite graphic and real, but it doesn’t get to be “edgy” for the sake of it. The art is magnificent and the story is worthy of a read, if you can take some strong language and scenes I think this is a very unique setting for a manga with many lessons to be learned out of it.

  • One Outs: A few months ago I watched the anime, and I was hooked. I decided to read the manga from the start back then, but I kinda stopped. Last month I decided to resume my reading and I am very happy I did. The story and the bet go even bigger, and its actually quite sick. A few things stop making sense, but the overall plot is great, a good read, especially weird in sports manga, although so far I’ve only read good sports manga.

  • Hakaijuu: Now this is what an edgy manga looks like. It starts out pretty strong as a romance manga turned into survival apocalypse with huge monsters coming out of the ground. But it just keeps going and going without any idea of what to do. Horrible people become protagonists and heroes, the monsters keep getting bigger, my suspension of disbelief struggles here. If you like Godzilla, The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, The Thing, and Power Rangers, this is probably for you. The art is too good for a series like this, seriously, too good. If your mind is bored this is good enough I guess.


  • Metroid Dread: I started to focus on Dread a lot more this time, I want to enjoy it as much as I can. Its great and it plays great!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: I kinda played a little less, I got to the big elephant beast but I kinda feel like the end is approaching (Even though its not), I just don’t want this game to end, but I’ll do what I must.
  • Burnout Legends: I discovered this game thanks to the Retro Game Time Machine podcast, and I decided to play it too, it is surprisingly fun and challenging, the races are filled with adrenaline and crashes and its a great quick game to boot up and lose some time in the focus zone.
  • Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga: Years ago my save file of this game died and I kinda stopped playing it, but I finally decided to return to it and its still super fun! I hope I get the time to finish it this month, but it depends on the other games.

Device Usage

With my PSP and Switch lacking proper ways to track my usage other than estimates, I can’t really say how much I’ve played stuff, whatever, my laptop and phone remain reliable.


I used my laptop for 30 hours, A lot of that time was spent moving stuff around to my PSP since I was into a bit of a phase once again, writing a blogpost about it.

  • 22 hours on Firefox
  • 4 hours on Alacritty
  • 2 hours in Thunar

Android phone

I used my phone for around 212 hours, as you may be able to tell, due to my internship I spend more time not at home. It is how it is

  • Tachiyomi got used for 54 hours, yeah.
  • Tusky got 27 hours of use, thanks guys.
  • Whatsapp for 26 hours of use, not so great
  • Newpipe got 18 hours of use.
  • Facebook got 17 hours, due to work, not great.
  • Infinity still works, so 14 hours went there
  • Signal got used for 8 hours, chatting there is cool

Final words

I am done! The year is coming to an end in only a few more months, and I am still a little behind, but hey, this is still day 56 of #100DaysToOffload

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