April 2022 Summary

Some good things happened this month, here are some of them.

April was pretty nervewracking, but I actually managed to do a few blogposts during the month, even though my vacation time didn’t give me that much of a rest, since I had to help organize my sister’s Quinceañera, and do a lot of spring cleaning for my house, I also slept in the living room and stuff like that due to family and friends visiting and staying over.

Interestingly, while COVID seems to not have vanished just yet, pretty much nobody wore a mask, but my whole family was already vaccinated, as well as many of the guests. I can’t confirm that everyone was, but thankfully, we didn’t hear any bad news from anyone, thankfully. It was a great time, but very tiring for me and my dad who had to arrange everything. Some friends came over to help make the food, the cake and decorations, it was nice.

So, with that little catch up out of the way, this is how I spent most of my time this month.


This time my favorite podcast of the month was Episode 168 of Criminal: The Magpie.

Also I finally gave a fair chance to Reply All, a pretty famous podcast that I hadn’t gotten into until now, with episode 184, Alex Goldman, Demon Hunter.

Finally, I really got into Season 8 of Command Line Heroes, which focuses on Robots and what they are, focusing on a different aspect each episode.


I only managed to finish the Arc of a Scythe trilogy, with the Toll being the only one missing, it was pretty long compared to the last two, and it had a pretty solid ending, I don’t really know how I feel about it since there were some decisions and events that were a little forced. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Because of the events that happened during vacation time and other hobbies that took over, I didn’t read anything else, other than manga.


I caught up to chapter 14 of Alita: Battle Angel.

Caught up to Komi Can’t Communicate, Sakamoto Days, One Punch Man and the like.

I also started Spy X Family and I am at chapter 17, its super fun and not what I expected at all, super wholesome, I will definitely watch the anime.


I completed Kill la Kill, its quite weird but I have to say its the kinda thing that only japanese media can pull off, I enjoyed it. I also watched the OVA episode.

I watched up until episode 7 of My Dress-Up Darling, pretty fun, It makes me laugh a lot and its pretty faithful to the manga so far.

I also watched the first episode of Attack on Titan’s Final Season: Part 2, it was cool and all, but then I kinda forgot to keep up. I will watch some more episodes during May.

Finally, I started episode 1 of Cowboy Bebop, it was a really strong start, the animation was really good, especially those fight scenes, It really hooked me up.


I watched Free Guy, it was quite a funny movie, much better than I expected! Some NPC develops a consiousness and the story goes from there.

I also rewatched Spiderman: No Way Home, and I still really liked it.


Top 5 songs

  1. Tokai by Taeko Onuki (This ones so cool)
  2. Sotsugyou by Yuki Saitou
  3. RIDE ON TIME by Rainych, evening cinema
  4. Komm, süsser Tod (M-10 Director’s Edit. Version) by ARIANNE (Evangelion yey)
  5. 네온 by 유키카 (Idk what this is, maybe it played while I slept)

Top 5 artists

  1. Anri
  2. Mariya Takeuchi
  3. Taeko Onuki
  4. Yuki Saitou
  5. S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe, Kiyotaka Sugiyama

Screen Time

This time there were quite a lot of changes, because I managed to improve on things that were a bit troublesome in previous months, but because Elon Musk and the migration of users, I spent more time than expected on Mastodon.

  • I only used Newpipe for 43 hours, more than 20 hours less than before.
  • Tusky, my mastodon client of choice, got 30 hours of usage.
  • 16 hours were spent reading manga on Tachiyomi.
  • Only 5 hours were spent reading this time, I have to catch up this month.

Most of my desktop usage was still tracked but its mostly Firefox, this time I spent a lot of time in different mastodon networks, I am now part of a newly born instance named Benign.Town, so if you wanna join, we got space!


This is the first time I have this section, since I had not had time to finish any games the previous months.

I played Metroid: Samus Returns, it took less than 12 hours and I made a review about it

Wrapping up

So, that was pretty much it, not too much to add this time around, I have quite a bit of homework to finish as always, have a good day folks.


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