Games & Projects

I have worked in some games made in Godot as entries for different game jams, I've also done translations or documentation in a few projects. I also designed icons for apps and icons packs. Here is some of my work!

  • FreshRSS Nord’s Theme
    A simple, basic theme you can work on top of to have the Nord color scheme in your FreshRSS instance. WIP.
  • Arcticons Icon Pack
    A monotone line-based icon pack for Android where I contribute by designing icons with a focus on Free and Open Source Software.
  • Deep Into the Volcano
    My entry for Ludum Dare 48, a simple game with two levels where you try to escape the Lava coming towards you!
  • Swap Die Repeat
    For my first game jam! A 2D puzzle platformer made with Godot, swap characters until you die! (but try not to).
  • Cliff Hanger
    Yet another 2D platformer, but you have to complete the levels in 12 seconds or less, how? By stopping time!, how? by hanging on… cliffs?
  • Only Spaceship
    A rushed out game that is kinda wonky and broken. A spaceshooter where you survive as long as its not unfair.