Writing from mobile

I almost didn't post today and I had already turned off my computer, but there was a solution. Using my phone!

For some reason this is the first time I am actually doing this.

I had homework and spent a bit of time in my computer writing it, it was such a chore, the teacher wanted us to hit a certain amount of words for every section of an assignment, that tired me out a lot more than I expected, although I got distracted quite a bit anyways.

I was tired of being on front of my computer and ended up shutting it down. I was actually thinking about not posting anything and breaking my streak of posts, which have not stopped since the start of the year.

I had already typed “I won’t post today” on my mastodon client (Tusky btw) when I was like “Not today” and went ahead and saw what I could do.

I initially logged in to GitHub from my phone, which was possible, I didn’t look enough to see if editing a file from the web interface worked, so I went ahead and tried to just edit the file locally. I copy pasted one of my existing posts since I didn’t have my automation scripts available here and I wanted to save myself some time.

I created a file and tried to edit it, Simple File Manager (from the Simple Mobile Tools suite) has it’s own text editor, but it’s super bare bones. I decided to go ahead and install Markor from F-Droid, since it’s quite a good Markdown editor that served me just fine to write this short post and have something to keep my streak going!

This is day 24 of #100DaysToOffload


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