University's Over

My graduation event just happened, and I am basically done with University, here are some thoughts on the matter.

School is over, I just had my graduation event, completing my studies as a Mechatronics Engineer. It was quite the accomplishment for me. I have previously written about some of my thoughts during my last semester as a student and as an intern.

The challenges I went through in the pandemic, how hard it affected me and the enjoyment I had out of what I studied, it was a really hard time looking back at it.

The event itself was pretty great, the location was in the main theater in the city where I live, a beautiful place, a very classic, colonial style building with a great ambience, if a little small, but it’s full of charm, I graduated from High School in the same place actually. :P

I didn’t get to graduate with all of my generation, once again, due to the pandemic and the online courses we took instead of going to the classroom, many people were able to do a bunch of courses and skip ahead, while others, like me, took it slowly, trying our best to learn something out of the laggy, badly planned web meetings we had—or at least, trying to not get distracted.

I must admit, I kind of wanted to do some final speech or something of the like, I am actually a fairly decent speaker (in Spanish lol), but I didn’t really get to write anything and the guy who spoke up did a decent job either way, although it seems like nobody knew him (he was from Biochemistry Engineering). Regardless, what is done, is done.

In the end, from everyone present I only knew 6 classmates of the same generation as me, and I also knew other 7 or 8 from earlier—and later—semesters, although not everyone by name. Overall, we were like 50 or so Mechatronics Engineers. We had our event alongside Biochemistry Engineers (like 10), Electronics and Computational Engineers (maybe 7?) and Electrical Mechanical Engineers (only 2 lol), let’s just say I’m glad I already got a job. ;)

After it was over, we all kind of overwhelmed our classmates that was in charge of returning the gowns we rented, took some more pictures and called it a day. I was a bit melancholic for a bit, I didn’t know where the rest of my classmates were, if I would ever see them again and such. But honestly, from the ones I knew, I didn’t really had a deep friendship with either, just a good relationship as classmates. I wished them the best in my mind and just left with my parents.

We went to a kind of fancy restaurant and enjoyed some food there to celebrate the event! In the end I also bought some sweet bread to eat for dinner later, and we all went back home.

There’s still that one final project that is so simple I keep procrastinating it, but after that I should be able to start the paperwork to get my degree and be over with everything! Thankfully, there’s like 8 other people I know who haven’t done it yet so I ain’t alone on this procrastination problem.

I so wish the pandemic hadn’t been so prevalent, I wanted to be in the campus more, to be with my classmates more, just to eat lunch together and listen to them complain about the upcoming exams while I was perfectly aware I was not going to do any study at all. To get into the computer labs and play browser games. To enjoy the coding courses from the teacher everyone else hated. To be a University student with nothing to worry but keep decent grades. Those are two years I won’t get back. But I can only move on now, towards a new journey, and new goals, still unknown.

This is day 18 of #100DaysToOffload


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