Trying out Vercel

I switched my blog from Netlify to Vercel, at least for a while to try it out. I also added a reply via email for my RSS feed

Yesterday I decided to move to Vercel for my website hosting. I had heard about it a while ago, and after a post I saw on my local timeline I remembered hearing about it and ended up setting it up yesterday, as I mentioned on Mastodon

Eventually, I remembered I first heard about Vercel on a post by Kev Quirk where he compared multiple hosting providers. Vercel ended up on top when it comes to speed and the like, even if it lacks some of the features Netlify has.

I had been experiencing very slow build times, it kinda felt like Netlify was reinstalling the whole Jekyll environment everytime it built my blog or something like that. I was meaning to look into fixing it and I even considered moving to something like Hugo, but after trying Vercel I have to say I am really impressed, doing the change was pretty easy, and getting my domain configured only took a couple minutes, even if the change took a while to apply in the network, so if you tried to access my blog recently and it failed, that’s why.

Regardless, another thing I was thinking about was how I rarely get email replies from people, I actually kind of like those, but the quick link to do so is only visible from my website. I will not remove my Mastodon comments or anything as extreme, but since I am aware quite a bit of my readers follow me via my RSS feed, I added a special link to quickly reply from there. Which you’ll see from this post onward, maybe that’ll reduce the friction. Anyways, I’m kinda easy to reach out from other places anyway.

This is day 6 of #100DaysToOffload


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