The reason I stopped reading

Very clickbaity title, I am still going to read, I just took a weirdly long pause for no real reason other than procrastinating

I honestly had to idea of what to write today so this will have to do.

I’ve been reading quite a bit over the years. My goal is to read at least 15 books this year. You can track my progress by following me on my Bookwrym account. The truth is, that I got back into gaming a bit more. I’ve enjoyed playing Brawl Stars for quite a while and a recent update that removed a lot of the gambling aspects that plague so many of today’s mobile videogames, got actually removed!

This made it so I started playing a lot more often, from only weekends to 15 or 30 minutes per day. I wouldn’t say it was the reason I stopped reading but it definitely didn’t help.

The initial reason is, that the book I’m reading I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison. Is a collection of short stories, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Each story has a very short introduction to them, and the problem is that the author just said that the next story, titled Lonelyache, is actually what he considers to be one of the best stories he’s ever written. For some reason my mind started hyping it up a lot, and I just haven’t gotten myself to reading it.

Be it because I don’t consider myself worthy enough of reading such a story, or because I am actually afraid of being dissapointed due to my own expectations, the truth of the matter is that I have spent a ton of time without having any progress on my reading goals. So I will read this and probably finish it tomorrow, to at least complete two books this month.

This was a short useless post, but aren’t they all? Until next time!

This is day 23 of #100DaysToOffload


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