The Circus

The circus was in town, and I didn't have plans to go at all. Specially when I just woke up...

The Circus was in town! Or so I’d heard, but I was enjoying my few days left of doing nothing, and I planned to keep it that way.

I woke up from bed, I’d lost one of my socks, but I didn’t mind. I went towards the eating room, when my father, already awake, asked me to take the bed sheets to a friend’s house. He had just washed them, but they were still not fully dry, I found that weird, but I obliged.

I went to change my clothes and get ready, when my mom decided to go outside and help me pick up the bed sheets. As soon as I followed, the reason why we were moving the sheets was clear. There was smoke in the air.

I saw a motorcyclist passing by, alongside his dog. Then I saw it.

A creature, 4 or 5 times the size of the dog, was slowly, stealthy, closing the distance towards the cyclist, who had just parked in the house in front of ours. In normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have seen it, but its usual for people in my city to burn the dry grass on empty fields from time to time. The contrast with the sorroundings was high enough. I told my mother to get inside, but, looking towards our house, she was unaware of any danger, ignoring me.

There was a tiger right behind them.

The animal jumped in front of the biker, who had just removed his helmet. His dog went on to try and bite, but such an opponent just was just too much, it was in vain. It took hold of the pet, the biker was courageous enough to try and scare it away, to separate them, to do something at all, it was in vain.

I turned away, and I ran towards my mother, who was still busy with the bedsheets. Then I heard it.

It was a weird sound, not the tiger. Something else, almost bird like, but somewhat reptile. It was a velociraptor.

Many of them. They were sorrounding my house, barely protected by a thin fence that wasn’t even high enough to stop them from jumping over it.

When my mom finally got a hold of the situation, we were both heading towards the front door. A raptor had spotted us, and started his chase. A few others were going to try and steal the tiger’s meal.

We finally reached the door, and managed to keep it shut somehow. I hoped it would be strong enough to at least let us think of something. Well, we hoped.

In my confusion, I’d forgotten I have my own dogs too. I guess I didn’t have them in my mind as much as that guy outside. But I was still alive.

Worried, I looked through the windows. They were not as brave to try and attack a tiger, but they were still in danger.

I finally noticed where the smoke was coming from. The reason I went outside at all. The Circus.

It was quite big, the biggest I’d seen (to be honest, they were out of fashion for a few years now, so maybe my memory was just wrong), and it was all in flames. Were they the reason all this happened? How did they…

Then I woke up.

Finishing thoughts

Yeah this was all a dream I actually had today, and I thought I would try and write it here. I will say that I also remember some aliens involved at the end that interrogated me or something, but I can’t remember what happened as well as the first bits, so I am sorry for leaving you on a cliffhanger that will probably never get a continuation.

It makes no sense, why were velociraptors there. I get the tiger because of the circus, even if its illegal to have animals there, but what was my brain doing?

Anyways, this is day 7 of #100DaysToOffload


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