September 2022 Summary

Las mont was quite quiet, school has been quite rough, but here's an overview of what I did this month.


I finished the first season of Dungeons and Daddies, it was really good and got quite dark during the final episodes, although it never went actually gruesome or anything, it was a fun listen, I think I’ll check out next season later this month.

I started listening to Heart Starts Pounding, its hosted by two girls who investigate and talk about supernatural events and stuff like that. It’s not as serious and inmersive as Unexplained, however, it does not joke around as much as others that get annoying to me because the hosts laugh too much.

I also catched up to other podcasts I was already listening to, such as Trash Taste, They’re Just Movies and Revolutions.


I catched up to Blue Lock, its still going strong and I can’t wait to watch the anime this month. I mostly just catched up to manga I was already reading.

The only new manga I read and catched up to is How to Grill Our Love, its about a newly married couple that gets to know each other more when grilling some really tasty food. It is quite wholesome, and pretty much every chapter features the characters cooking and making me hungry. I like that this one is quite friendly and does not go for fan-servicey stuff at all, except for a tiny panel that parodies such things.


I watched Thor: Love and Thunder, and I feel like it didn’t care about what was happening. I think it could have been a lot better if its serious moment actually felt like so. It was a fun watch though, especially the first 20 or so minutes.


I am watching Extraodinary Attorney Woo, a korean drama series about Woo Young-Woo, an attorney with autism spectrum disorder. Its a series we’re watching as a family, so its a good time. I’ve not watched much kdramas although my siblings are more into them, I definitely don’t hate them, I just don’t have time to watch them since they are longer than regular TV shows and I can’t do anything else while watching them due to the language barrier. I know its the same with anime or manga, but its too much time per episode for me to watch by myself.

I am also watching Andor, but I’ve not seen anything other than the first episode yet. I’ve got a bit spoiled but nothing that has ruined it, I think? Will continue to watch this month.


I’ve been listening to pretty much the same thing. I gave a listen to Daft Punk’s Alive 2007, and I think its the best Live album ever. I also listened to Love Trip, the only album done by Takako Mamiya, really good stuff.

Screen Time

Alright, once again with how much I use my devices, here we go!

Phone usage

  • I watched 59 hours of videos with Newpipe
  • I used Tusky, my Mastodon client, for 29 hours. Quite busy with the #Casio trend lately I guess.
  • I used Tachiyomi, my manga reader, for 23 hours.
  • Whatsapp got 16 hours of use this time, exams and homework stuff, I guess.

Laptop usage

  • I used Firefox for 62 hours
    • 26 of them on YouTube, watched a few Casio watch review oops.
    • Fosstodon was used for 8 hours out of that total…
  • I played Minecraft for 17 hours, not that much, because exams.
  • I used LabVIEW for 5 hours and Excel for 3, homework!

Wrapping up

Last month was quite busy, I didn’t really have much time to write a blog, and also I lacked the inspiration, since I actually sat down a few times trying to come up with something, but really didn’t have much to say lately, and I really wanted to just do other stuff and work a little too.

I actually really got into using LabVIEW for a little bit last week, I tend to hate it because its a graphical programming interface and I would rater type lines of code, but I kinda got into the flow state these last few days doing a project for an Expert Systems class which was quite fun.

Either way, I hope to write more this month, until next time!


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