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I always like to know the tiniest details of apps I am using, and since time's almost up. A short blogpost about it will do

📆 25 Jan 2023 📕 302 words ⏳ 1 min. 🏷️ short android linux

I just can’t let things stay default, I don’t know why. I want to know every single setting, keybinding and customization I can do with any program I use. I tend to spend quite a bit of time watching videos about tips and tricks about everything.

Some examples are these:

  • On my screen keyboard. turning off keypress pop-ups, swiping the backspace button to delete words or the space bar to drag the cursor around.
  • On Tusky, the Mastodon client, disabling the top bar and moving the navigation buttons to the bottom. Also enabling its amoled dark mode, adding custom tabs, etc.
  • Saving comics as .cbz in Tachiyomi, setting up local manga sources for offline reading and enabling automatic backups.
  • Enabling custom colors in DAVx5 for my synced calendars, changing the audio stream for reminders in Simple Calendar so I can turnoff normal notifications and not miss events.
  • Grouping direct sub-folders in Simple Gallery and enabling rounded corners for the thumbnail style.
  • Disabling all automatic downloads for media in apps like Signal or WhatsApp to save space.
  • Creating subscription groups on Newpipe and custom tabs for specific channels.
  • Using tags on AntennaPod, setting up auto-download for new episodes of specific podcasts, auto-deletion, skipping intros, etc.
  • Installing a Magisk module to allow storage access to restricted folders so I can sync them with Syncthing.
  • Using Newsboat as a client for my FreshRSS instance
  • Setting up Neomutt for email and integrating with CardDAV using khal and vdirsyncer
  • Enabling themes and custom css on Firefox to setup a onliner interface.

And these are some features on many different apps that I just enjoy having around and I can’t help but keep tweaking all the time

This is day 25 of #100DaysToOffload
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